Business Strategy Game What It Takes to Win

There are a number of articles and videos on internet on BSG online how to win. But what exactly does it take to win a BSG game through a powerful strategy above all the competitors around you?

Driving sales

What are the actual drivers that push sales for a business? In sequence of importance, it is: price, quality (SQ), rebate. Besides these nothing else influences the sales funnel, not even 300 added points from a celebrity endorsement, and the “green energy” and diversification promises.

Therefore, in order to amplify our sales revenues, we really need to put out attention to P, Q, and R.

Driving costs

Costs come in numerous forms mainly labor, materials, production setup, financing, trainings, etc. You will learn that cost management is one of the most integral parts for any company’s success. Apparently, the winner will be the person or team who successfully determines the lowest cost to sell footwear in a competitive manner.

A winning strategy

Although there are various ways to win a BSG, there choosing the right strategy is the key. Try to become a low cost producer at a high volume. As competitors run out of fuel or ideas, you can grab the chance and capture their market share.

However, do note that there is a downside to this approach, if another company too is using the same approach as yours, then the competition will be ruthless. This strategy will place you and your competition on a polarized scale with extreme ends: either you win heavy, or lose heavy. If you’re unable to execute the strategy effectively as intended, it will become difficult to recover.

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What you’re actually trying to accomplish is to build a huge wholesale distribution machine operating all over the planet. You aim to sell as many shoes as possible at a low cost that still makes you a nice fortune without running out.

Never pretend or fall under the impression that within the first year you’ll register top profit figures and margins. The topmost priority at this instant is building the “machine”. The bigger profits and market share you’ll make later will give you sufficient chance to cover up for more than the average performance delivered in the first 2 or 3 rounds.

The machine

The machine will serve the purpose of making quality shoes at the least possible delivered cost. You’ll be required to optimize the manufacturing and distribution center in order to accomplish the feat. The machine is a major part of “BSG online how to win” type games where the primary objective to maximize output out of limited resources. And doing so does offer plenty of powerful educational benefits as well.

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