Can Ayurveda cure Migraine?

Undoubtedly, Migraine is a widespread, chronic and dreadful as well as disabling disorder identified by intermittent headaches causing you unbearable pain and stress. Many patients try to supress this dangerous health problem while others try to cure it with the help of NSAIDS and analgesics which only grants short-term relief. Though, Ayurveda, a system of healing and the oldest and one of the strongest alternatives of medicines brings out a powerful and effective way to cure Migraine. Different Ayurveda schools conduct a number of treatments and programs to cure this perilous health issue. You can also be a part of any Ayurveda school in India, to seek proper assistance and treatment under the guidance of eminent Yoga Gurus and Acharyas.

Here’s something for you if you are tired of pounding headache problems. You can check out this article which broadly explains the different ways in which Ayurveda can cure Migraine. 

Check out the symptoms of Migraine: Have a look!

First of all, you must know that unquestionably, Ayurveda can effectively cure Migraine without any hazardous side-affects like painkillers. Ayurveda has a simplistic and holistic approach towards the healing process. The idea is to dive into the root cause of the problem and cure it permanently. The habitual and usual types of headaches are Sinus headaches, tension headaches and migraines. One of the main reasons behind the emergence of migraine is imbalanced doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Check out the different symptoms of Migraine. There are four phases of symptoms though Vata Pitta symptoms are common in all of them.

  • Prodrome Phase: Constipation, Mood swings, cravings, thirsty 
  • Aura Phase: Flashes of light, bright spots or vision loss 
  • Attack Phase: Pain on either or both side of your head
  • Postdrome Phase: Confusion, moodiness, dizziness and sensitivity of light or sound 
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There are many other common symptoms such as throbbing pain, sensitivity to scents, dizziness and nausea and irritation and fatigue. No doubt, Ayurveda brings out a traditional and authentic way of fighting this extremely hazardous health issue. You must prefer some advised Ayurvedic medicines and apart from that, make sure you do increase the intake of medicines, ghee, boiled milk with herbs and tonics. You can also try different Ayurvedic therapies and treatment plans. In order to get thorough information on the same, you can also get yourself enrolled in a Ayurveda Courses in Varkala and learn it from the specialists.

There are number of factors that triggers Migraine such as unnecessary or excessive stress or tension, powerful suppression of natural urges, any kind of emotional, mental or physical stress, indigestion, unwanted intake of salty, oily or spicy food items, fasting or hormonal imbalance. Apart from that, there are many food items such as baked or diary products which causes problems. You must also avoid too much exposure to the sunlight, consumption of smoking and alcohol and change your pattern of sleeping. 

Significant Ayurvedic Remedies and Treatments for Migraine Pain
There are different ways to cure Migraine Pain though it totally depends on the stages. In case, if it is on its initial stage, you can try some of the natural but beneficial remedies to cure it.

This is one of the most effective Ayurvedic treatments to cure headaches. This Ayurvedic medicine eventually cures a number of diseases which are interlinked with brain such as migraine, throbbing pain and depression. During the process of the treatment, a leather cap covers the outer area of the head. As there is hollow space inside the cap, the Ayurvedic medicated oil is held in between the gaps.

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This is one of the amazing therapies that have a major impact on your nervous system. No doubt, this is perfect remedy for migraine. In this process, continuous flow of warm oil is poured your forehead, where the nerves are extremely concentrated. This process forms a concentrated pressure of oil causing vibration on your forehead. This entire process provides extreme relaxation and mental stability.

Kavala Graha
Another substitute therapy for Ayurvedic medicine for curing migraine is oil pulling. This is an immensely beneficial therapy. It has number of advantages such as whiter teeth, detoxifying effect and a relief from the migraine pain.

Sneha Nasya
This impactful Ayurvedic therapy is basically carried out through the nasal pathway. It is one of the amazing ways to reduce the physical stress.

It is one of the greatest Ayurvedic therapies to properly cure physical or mental exhaustion. It helps you to rid of mental stress by applying the classical techniques of Ayurveda.

Apart from this, there are many Ayurveda medicines that are helpful too such as Arth Ardhari, Ajwain and Triphala. You can also try some of the amazing natural remedies such as try drinking a warm cup of water twice a day. Also, you must try to take part in the process of meditation and pranayama. You can try bed time massage with badam and sesame oil. Ayurveda basically delivers a classical and authentic approach towards a number of health issues such as migraine.  

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