Cannot open attachments in aol mail

AOL Desktop Gold is an easy-to-use desktop browser that allows you to access all the different services of AOL on one platform. When you Install AOL Gold desktop you can access your AOL mail account, read the latest news stories, play games or stream videos. However, sometimes users have trouble sending and receiving email attachments when they access their email account through AOL Desktop Gold. This article will give you some helpful troubleshooting steps you can use to resolve the email attachment errors in AOL Gold.

Steps to fix error while sending attachments in AOL Desktop Gold

When you encounter errors while sending email attachments in AOL Desktop Gold you can go through the suggestions mentioned below to try and resolve the error:

· Ensure the file name you want to send does not have special characters

· Check that the total size of the file attached is below 25 MB per email

· If the error is caused by server delays, wait and try to send the file later

· Make sure you are not using an unsupported file format while sending

· Run a quick diagnostic scan and fix any damaged Windows files

· Log in to your AOL account using the basic version then attach the file

· Run an antivirus scan to make sure the file is not damaged or corrupted

· Download AOL Desktop Gold once again so that you get the latest version

If you have gone through all the suggestions mentioned above but still cannot send the email attachments in AOL Desktop Gold, then you should contact your internet service provider to make sure your connection is stable before you access your AOL account.

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Steps to fix error while opening attachments in AOL Desktop Gold

In case you receive an important email from the office but cannot open any of the files attached to that email you can refer to the steps given below to open the attached files in AOL Desktop Gold:

· Temporarily disable your anti-virus software and then open the email

· Review the IMAP settings in AOL Desktop Gold before opening the file

· Check the email filters and see that the attachments are not blocked

· Make sure the email attachment you received is not more than 25 MB

· Delete the browser cookies before you open the AOL email attachment

· Change your firewall settings so AOL Mail can load smoothly

· Open your browser settings and disable the pop-up blocker to open the email

· Log in to your email account from a different browser then open the file

· Edit the spam setting on your email account, then try and download the file

If you still cannot open the email attachment, then your best bet would be to uninstall the program and then Download AOL Gold desktop once again. If you still cannot send or receive email attachments in AOL Desktop Gold, you can call the AOL customer care number and speak to a trained email expert to find out how to implement more advanced troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

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Cant Send or Open Attachments in AOL Desktop Gold

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