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Can’t Find Your Smartphone? Maybe Seekit Can Help!

Not being able to find your smartphone has got to be one of the most anxiety-inducing reasons that make people go berserk. After all, your entire life and its obligations that follow are stacked away in some app or some reminder or the other in this device. Naturally, panic strikes when you realize you cannot seem to find it in the most mundane and not so ordinary places you find it at. During these times, when the find my phone worries begin to grow, first of all, don’t let it get to you. Certainly not when you get your hands on Seekit that makes it easy to locate your smartphone no matter in which nook and cranny it is hiding in.

Introducing you to the world of Seekit

With Panasonic’s Seekit, you gain the benefit of taking advantage of two devices. This includes the Seekit Edge and Seekit Loop. Both of these devices are Bluetooth trackers and help you locate other vital possessions such as your keys and wallet too.

Take for instance the Seekit Loop. It makes it easy to find your keys, pets, and speakers. It has a premium look and feel to it and resembles a keychain so you can easily take it along with you wherever you go. Then there is the Seekit Edge. This device ensures you can seamlessly locate your wallets, bags and document folders. The Edge is lightweight in nature and has a compact look and feel. It has a 3mm super sleek body design and is so slim that it can fit into anything. This makes it easy to take it with you wherever you go.

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Can Seekit really help me find my phone?

Wondering how these devices can actually make it easy for you to find your smartphone? Don’t worry, we are getting to it. The secret to making sure Seekit helps you locate your misplaced phone lies in the bi-directional tracking feature. It is the most effective and sure-shot way to find your device successfully and without creating too much of a mess in the bargain.

How exactly does the bi-directional tracking feature work?

Here is how you can find your smartphone with this feature. To make sure you set bi-directional tracking into motion, simply ring your smartphone. This works in your favor even when your device is in silent mode. To ring up your device, all you are required to do is double press the Seekit button.

When the user is away from the 100ft range, bi-directional tracking offers voice alerts. In simple words, bi-directional tracking simply means the smartphone or Seekit device; both send alerts if they happen to go away from each other’s environs. So in this case, if you misplace your smartphone and you happen to have the Seekit device as your keychain or in your wallet, you are sure to hear voice alerts letting you know about it.

What makes the Seekit devices so unique?

Seekit brings with it an array of features that are tailor-made to suit your every search operation need. Here are a few of the specs Seekit comes with that makes your finding processes easier to deal with.

  • Seekit comes with an LED indicator and a buzzer. This sets into motion as soon as the tracker disconnects from your smartphone
  • Its discreet and compact design makes certain you can slip it or attach it anywhere
  • It comes with energy-efficient Bluetooth 5.0
  • You can tag it to almost anything
  • The Seekit Edge comes with a battery life of up to 18 months while the Seekit Loop possesses a battery life of up to 12 months
  • The LED indicator that comes with Seekit makes it possible for it to work conveniently in dark environments
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There is also a low mode that if activated, sends notifications to your device. With high mode alerts, you get a ringer. While double-pressing the Seekit button ensures you can get your smartphone to ring, you can even choose the level of alert you want to obtain if and when the device goes out of range. These features may be small in comparison but they certainly play a vital role in helping you find your smartphone in a rapid way.

Try out Seekit today!

If you happen to lose your phone more often than not, rather than going in for phone finder apps, invest in Seekit. It definitely puts itself to good use making sure you find what you are looking for in an accurate and rapid way. It is a boon for individuals who are constantly on a time crunch or if you happen to misplace your phone a little too often. So the next time you know the worst has happened, in other words, your smartphone has vanished from the face of the earth, you are better prepared to tackle the situation with Seekit.

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