Car Rental in Jaipur

Car rental at Sanganer Airport in Jaipur

There are a large number of car rental companies offering competitive car hire in Jaipur and we have provided a guide to the seven main offices in the airport terminal, with contact details and links to get a free competitive online car rental deal.

Car rental in Rajasthan is a very competitive business. So it is worthwhile to find the best offer for your special needs. Our Jaipur car rental guide provides a link to a database of local car rental companies that you can use to meet your needs and submit offers. To give you an idea of ​​the cost, renting a standard range car from Jaipur Airport for seven days costs around INR 1500 (the offer includes a waiver of collision damage, theft protection, third party liability, VAT, unlimited mileage and airport fees).

Jaipur Taxi

Jaipur Airport is just 5 km from Rambhag Palace, the Rajasthan’s capital. Jaipur Airport is relatively easy to reach via the Chokhi Dhani. The exit is well signposted at kilometer point 4. The drive to Buena Vista takes about 45 minutes, to the popular resorts of Pink pearl and Kanchan Kesari Village 20 and 15 minutes.

There are bus connections on the Sindhicamp, but if you want the freedom and flexibility to travel off the beaten track when it is convenient for you, renting a car is the best option.

If you are traveling to Jaipur from a State outside Delhi, you need an international driver’s license issued by your country of origin, which must contain an information page in English. Your “tourist status” in Rajasthan is Regarding insurance, this usually applies for three months. So if you stay here longer, you should check your insurance coverage with your broker.

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This guide to car hire at Jaipur Airport was written by Alex Jorden, senior editor of the Rajasthan cab .com is a complete guide for all Jaipur taxi.

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