TakeFin Finance – Business & Personal Finance Tracking

Takefin is the solution to your financial management needs. This smart finance tracker app allows you to add, track, and monitor finance for small business enterprises and individuals effortlessly. Add department wise finance records and manage it through your mobile device. This finance tracker app allows an individual, as well as small businesses for quick […]


What are the Biggest Challenges For Small Business

Business is an activity that demands management, leadership, and enthusiasm. You will need to face everyday new challenges and problems while running it. There are so many common business problems like finding customers, generating leads, building an email list, hiring the right people for the job, controlling finance and expenses, etc. Many times, you’ll find […]

Faculties in Cavendish university

Faculties in Cavendish university Aim at honing skills for students for their career

Different Department faculties in Cavendish University Uganda Faculty of Business and Management This is one of the Faculties at Cavendish University. As a business faculty, each educator in this department is focused on imparting business principles and thought patterns that are practical, measurable and impact positively on students’ ability to succeed as entrepreneurs, executives or […]

Car Mechanical Services Dubai, Car Maintenance UAE

What do they do during car mechanical repair services in Dubai?

Here is a checklist of the different parts and systems that mechanics inspect during your regular car checkup. And also the remedial measures that will be followed. 1. Battery and Cables Battery terminals are checked to see if they are corroded and are loose. Heat depletes the battery water level. It is checked and topped […]

Education Infographic

A Day in the life of a statistician

A typical day in the life of a statistician would require them to perform the following tasks. These tasks encompass activities that relate to collation, organization, interpretation and prediction of data. A Statistician’s career path A basic foundational understanding of the various mathematical and statistical principles, theories, techniques and analytical skills can be obtained through […]

Pirelli Tyres
Automotive Infographic

Pirelli Tyres – Custom-made Tyres for Prestigious cars

Pirelli is a name synonymous with a high-end range of premium performance tyres. Founded in Milan in 1872, Pirelli tyres have become the world’s largest tyre manufacturers with over 144-year history. With its singular focus on R&D, the tyre manufacturer reflects the excellence of Italian craftsmanship. Pirelli has been successfully competing in motorsport since 1907, […]


The Future Of Artificial Intelligence In The Design Industry

Artificial intelligence is rapidly increasing in many industries, including graphic design. This technology helps in making the design process faster and easier. It makes the designer nervous with excitement that what AI systems are capable of. In this infographic Logonado clearly points out how the Artificial intelligence craft logo design without taken any human interaction. […]

Infographic Insurance

Make Your Stay at Australia a Pocket-Friendly One With An Overseas Health Insurance Cover

Sam visited Australia last month without an Overseas Health Insurance Cover and met with a minor accident there! He had to rush to the local public hospital and paid a huge bill! After that, he was short of money and had to cancel many plans and came back early to his country! Sam is not […]

Guest Blogging Infographic

Reasons Why Guest Posting is Important For Inbound Marketing Strategy

Guest blogging is reliable and tested content marketing strategy which directly increases the organic search of the website. As an owner of blog of specific niche or business online platform, it is observed that as a part of content marketing strategy the importance of guest posting is highly noticeable. It will provide exposure to your […]