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Why we Love Dr Dabber Vape Pens

There are multiple methods of consuming marijuana. These include smoking, use of tinctures, topical applications and vaping. For health-conscious individuals, vaping is one of the best ways of delivering cannabis to their bodies. Many people prefer this method than smoking because it doesn’t combust cannabis. Smoking marijuana through combustion is harmful because it produces dangerous […]

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5 Hotel Hacks to Stay Safe and Sane in a Hotel Room with Children

Remember travelling when it’s all about you and your spouse together on a happy trip, worrying about nothing but yourselves? Carefree. You’re right. But now that you’ve reached parenthood and turned out to be the “tender, loving, caring” parents of the year, I bet you can barely remember what it’s like to travel with no […]

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10 Romantic and Memorable Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary On A Budget

If you’re looking for romantic ways to celebrate your anniversary but you’re also strapped for cash, then you’ve landed on the right page. Let’s be honest – anniversaries, whether during dating or marriage, are always associated with expensive celebrations. However, throwing hundreds and thousands of dollars every year for your special day isn’t reasonable, especially […]