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How Coronavirus has Impacted the Fashion Calendar

While the world is slowly trying to regain some normality, the challenges that have come with the coronavirus outbreak are still prevalent for businesses. Many industries are now looking towards the future, and identifying new ways of doing business in a post-COVID world. The fashion industry in particular is having to face some very difficult […]

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Rolex Will Launch 2020 New Watches in September

Rolex aficionados seem to have already lost hope to catch sight of any new Rolex watches in 2020. Rolex avowed in April that they would postpone the release of its new watches for 2020 indefinitely. Also, the brand was reported to shut down its factory for the rising concern of COVID-19. Altogether, it virtually affirmed […]

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Colour palette for corporate people

Corporate is about proving yourself, meeting deadlines and facing neck to neck competition. Besides working hard, you need to look presentable so for that consider colours which are mentioned below. Colours that are right for your office hours. 1. Green. Colour that you should consider for office is green as it emits vibes of freshness, […]

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‘Fair’ To Be Axed From Hindustan Unilever Limited’s Fair and Lovely

New Delhi: Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) will stop using the word ‘Fair’ in the flagship brand ‘Fair & Lovely’ with a “more inclusive vision of beauty”. The brand is committed to celebrating all skin tones, HUL said. HUL announced on Thursday the rebranding of its flagship brand Fair & Lovely. Taking forward the brand’s journey […]


Hair Smoothening Treatment, Cost, Benefits & Side Effect

Hair smoothening is the type of hair styling technique by which we will get the smooth and silky hair, the process involves for straightening and flattering of curly hair and other normal hair to make it smooth and straight, first it was used in the 1890s and became famous in 1950’ it is also known […]

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Shine and Sparkle with the Best Women’s Graphic Sweatshirt

Shimmer and sparkle with the correct blend of lively and sweet, look at our extraordinary determination of snuggly and polished women graphic sweatshirt. Search for charming weavings and sentimental ribbon collars or get lively with retro logos and edited styles. Pull out all the stops and oversize for an in vogue take on the sweatshirt […]

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A Woman’s Guide to Picking the Perfect Handbag for Everyday Use

Every woman knows how important handbags are, they are used as style and fashion accessory; they are paired for completing look and attire and are also used for carrying out a daily routine. For our daily requirements, having perfect bags ensures that your running errands and hectic daily schedules get simplified and sorted. Going out […]