Biofloc Fish Farming: Earning Opportunity For Odisha Youths During COVID-19 Pandemic

Bhubaneswar: A new technology, Biofloc based farming is meant for intensive fish/ shrimp production that doesn’t need a large space. It can be done with basic natural resources like water and land. With an aim to boost employment opportunities during this pandemic, Odisha government has launched a new scheme for promoting intensive aquaculture through Biofloc […]

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Can India Ever Beat China in Smartphone Manufacturing?

There was a time not too long when “Chinese phones” carried a certain stigma among the Indian consumers. It was often used as a disparaging term to describe cheap knock-offs, with phones being designed and manufactured using cheap materials, and were offered at dirt-cheap prices. However, today, that sentiment has taken a 180-degree turn, with […]

Multiple Routers

Is It Possible To Use Multiple Routers In The Same House?

Slow internet connections getting you down? Maybe you’re fed up with annoying not-spots in your home causing you to lose WiFi connectivity as you move around the household? We’ve been there and it’s tough to endure, so we’ve put together this guide to multiple routers, answering the questions “Is It Possible?” and “Is It The […]

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An App to Ease Your Home Loan Process

Loan apps have become essential to the lifestyle we live in now. While earlier before buying something expensive such as a house, we would toil and save our money, failing most of the time as something or the other came up. Now we can buy whatever we want in an instant and pay the amount […]

World Data Science Initiative Projects to Transform the Data Science Industry
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How the World Data Science Initiative Projects to Transform the Data Science Industry

The World Data Science Initiative (WDSI) launched early in January 2020 is projected toward creating a global pool of data science talents worldwide. WDSI aims at developing over 250,000 data science talents by 2022. Data science is a field that has extensively grown over the last few years, especially ever since it was deemed as […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Data Analytics Now!

Analytics is everywhere! Whether it’s planning the aviation route or building customer loyalty programs for retail shops, analytics has entered every sphere of the industry. Manufacturing plants are using analytics to predict maintenance time for machines.  This increasing adoption of analytics in the industry is a testament to the future demand for data and analytics […]

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It can be summarized that instructional designers wear many hats. Their job is essentially about identifying training needs and designing learning experiences that will yield measurable results for companies. This can involve anything from micro-learning, extensive eLearning modules to blended online, and face-to-face learning experiences.  We spoke with Javier Armijo about what it takes to enter the […]


Broken Phone Screen? Here are The a Few Solutions to it

A recent study by the e-commerce platform Flipkart states that 40% of mobile phone users experience extensive damage to their phone screens and yet continue using them in that condition. Phone users should explore repairing options on the basis of age, model, and operating system of their damaged phones. Besides avoiding certain risks using a […]


Multiple Ways to Migrate EML Emails to Office 365

In this article, you will get to know how to migrate emails from EML to Office 365. And get to know the manual and automated techniques to import EML files to Office 365 suite. EML files are considered as an email message along with attachments that are supported by various email client applications. On the […]