google lens

Is Google lens really worth downloading in your Android or iPhone?

Artificial Intelligence has evolved over the years. And today Google brings you Google Lens to establish that machines are manufactured intelligently to improvise life with ease. What is Google Lens? Google lens is an image recognition technology developed and introduced by Google from the I/O summit 2017. It is a significant breakthrough from the stadium […]


Application Development – Designing web and native app

Adapting to the digital solutions while shifting from the traditional paradigms is a big decision for every business especially when the options are wide, and they have little knowledge. In the field of mobile application development, there are three applications categories; web-based, native, and hybrid which is a combination of both. The application category determines […]

Business Technology

Benefits of Company’s Own Fleet

Operating a fleet of vehicles for your company may likely like a plenty of headaches, think about the initial setup cost of establishing the fleet, regular service, parts renewal, and all the other problems you may. Nevertheless, a small funding in fleet eliminate operating headaches, ensure that your motorist are secure, and your consignments and service calls are made satisfactorily. […]