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Career Focus: Retail, IoT and Cloud Businesses

Business Analytics courses that focus on recent trends in CAPEX and OPEX models are slated to be the biggest enablers. Today, we can do so much more with data and analytics compared to the trends way back in the early 2000s! If we closely monitor each of our online operations, including on social media, we […]


Everything you must know about M2 fiber optic cables

Fiber optic cables usually have two type’s single-mode optical cables and multimode optical cables. Multimode optical cables are also known as M2 fiber optic cables. There is a huge difference between these two types of wires in their installation, working, nature, and the core’s diameter. People use these two types of cables differently, keeping their […]


Image annotation: Applications in Machine Learning and AI

Have you ever wondered how a camera detects objects? For instance, during the pandemic, the government in many parts of the world installed cameras at the airport that can detect people without a face mask and alarm the airport authority. Similarly, phone cameras can detect a face, puppy, and other objects and tell you what the […]


How to Protect Yourself from ATM Skimming & ATM Cloning

Several leading public and private sector banks have got reports of ATM frauds even after various advisory issued by them from time to time. Cloning ATM cards is one of the most common fraudulent activities used to withdraw money from remote areas. The investigating agencies have analysed how scammers use card details for fraudulent transactions […]


Easy Replacement of Parts and Accessories for Your iPhone

What may seem like a seemingly simple device at the surface level can get quite complicated quickly when things start to go wrong. This is definitely the case with personal electronic devices, and especially products made from large brands on the market. At first glance, these stylish new mobile phones and tablets are so minimally […]

Business Technology

What Is Pexip and How Does It Compare to Other Video Communication Platforms?

Video communication platforms have quickly become an important piece of technology for every modern business – they improve the way that we collaborate, making it easier for us to connect with people whenever we need to. Due to the recent rise in use, there have been many different options brought to the market, each bringing […]


Energy Saving Tips: 5 Tips For a More Efficient Refrigerator in 2020

Your fridge could be the reason behind the hefty electricity bill you receive at the end of each month. Refrigerators consume around 100–200 Watts of power and contribute to about 15% of the monthly bill.  One way you can make your power-hungry fridge more cost-effective is to enable it to become more energy efficient. In […]


Biofloc Fish Farming: Earning Opportunity For Odisha Youths During COVID-19 Pandemic

Bhubaneswar: A new technology, Biofloc based farming is meant for intensive fish/ shrimp production that doesn’t need a large space. It can be done with basic natural resources like water and land. With an aim to boost employment opportunities during this pandemic, Odisha government has launched a new scheme for promoting intensive aquaculture through Biofloc […]

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Can India Ever Beat China in Smartphone Manufacturing?

There was a time not too long when “Chinese phones” carried a certain stigma among the Indian consumers. It was often used as a disparaging term to describe cheap knock-offs, with phones being designed and manufactured using cheap materials, and were offered at dirt-cheap prices. However, today, that sentiment has taken a 180-degree turn, with […]

Multiple Routers

Is It Possible To Use Multiple Routers In The Same House?

Slow internet connections getting you down? Maybe you’re fed up with annoying not-spots in your home causing you to lose WiFi connectivity as you move around the household? We’ve been there and it’s tough to endure, so we’ve put together this guide to multiple routers, answering the questions “Is It Possible?” and “Is It The […]