Change AOL Password

Easy Steps to Change AOL Password Through Computer/ Mobile device

The AOL password is the very first thing you need to access your AOL mail account. There are many situations when you require to Change AOL Password. It is quite apparent when the user forgot his AOL login password and having issues while trying to login to his AOL mail account. When you suspect that your email account has hacked by someone or you have shared the AOL password with many people, it is advisable to change the password as soon as possible. Although the process of changing the AOL password is quite simple, users face difficulties frequently. The reason could be any, and you even do not aware of it. This blog will help you to understand the process to change the AOL password in easy steps. After reading this carefully, one can easily change their AOL webmail password without any hassle.

Following are the reasons when you require to change the password:

  • Your AOL password has been leaked
  • Current password is not working
  • User Forgot AOL password
  • When you suspect that someone else has unauthorized access to your AOL email account.

How to Change AOL Password from the Computer System?

In this section of the blog, we are going to discuss the technical steps which help you to change the password of your AOL mail account via using a computer system. Go through them carefully:

  • Open any web browser and go to the official page of AOL or click on the following link
  • Click on the Login/join option from the upper right corner of the page.
  • You will redirect to the AOL sign-in page.
  • Enter the user name and click on the next tab.
  • Click on the forgot my password tab.
  • Now you will redirect on the AOL mail password change page.
  • Enter the old password( if you know) and then type the new password twice.
  • If you don’t know the password, it will ask you to choose an option either to answer the security question you have set at the time of creating the mail account or will send a unique code on the alternate email id or mobile number.
  • Choose any one according to your convenience.
  • Now enter the new password and confirm it.
  • Click on the continue tab and finish the process.
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After the completion of the process, you will automatically be redirected to the AOL Sign In Page.

How to Change the AOL Password using a Mobile Device?

With the help of the AOL app, user can change the password by using their mobile device. AOL app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The following technical step will help you in AOL Password Change process:

  • Open the AOL app from your mobile phone.
  • From the lower right corner of the screen, select the option of setting.
  • Click on the support option and then click on the privacy dashboard.
  • Tap the account option and enter your username and password.
  • Now visit the account edit option from your account section.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines from the upper left corner on the screen.
  • Now choose the option of account security.
  • Look for an option to change the password.
  • Enter the new password two times in the required fields.
  • In the last, click on the continue tab.
  • A confirmation message will pop on the screen, and it will ask you to enter the recover option.
  • Click on the done tab to finish the process.

With the help of these simple steps, you can change the password of your AOL account on their own. Providing an alternate email address and mobile number will be more helpful, it also helps in the verification process to enhance the security of your account.