Choosing from the available B.Tech courses for a bright future

Engineering is one of the most widely pursued disciplines among science students. Over 1 Million students write engineering exams every year to secure admission into top engineering institutes like IITs, NITs, MEC College among others. But, do the students really make the right choice while choosing from the available B Tech courses? Studies and surveys show a huge incline towards computer science engineering and a dip in electronics and communication engineering as a choice – let us understand these trends as well as some important points to keep in mind while choosing your B Tech course.

The current trends

From the current trends, it is visible that computer science, IT as well as mechanical engineering are among the top three engineering disciplines as chosen by students. Quite less importance is given to other fiends like electrical, electronics, civil and biotech engineering. This is perhaps because of the publicized job demand in the most widely chosen engineering disciplines. Even in MEC college, one of the prestigious engineering schools, students first opt for computer science engineering first as the preference for other streams is not as high.

Following your passion

When you are choosing your B Tech stream or discipline, it is important to consider your interest and passion, and not just the future scope of that particular stream. Even if you are not interested in that particular stream and are able to complete your engineering in the same, you might never have enough passion to pursue it with all your heart and be able to do something out of the ordinary or come up with something great. Thus, even if your stream does not have high paying job roles, you should consider following your heart and passion as passion will definitely push you forward towards success, more than anything else.

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Towards a brighter future

Simply choosing a stream does not determine your future. For example, choosing computer science engineering over electrical engineering does not necessarily mean that you might have a bright future. There are many factors involved – such as academic record, passion, skills, and knowledge among others. Therefore if you want a bright future, never go for a stream according to salaries, instead, assess yourself to check where your interests lie. And then whatever stream or discipline you choose, follow it with all your heart as money and success will follow with passion and dedication.

A few final thoughts There are several B.Tech courses, some of them are known as core branches whereas some of them are derived or just emerging. Each of these B Tech streams has its own advantages and scope of opportunities in the industrial world, none less than the other. Whichever stream you choose, will then become your career path, and hence, you need to take the next step very carefully. Irrespective of the stream or college you choose to begin your journey with, it will always be your knowledge, skill, and passion that would determine the scale of your success and growth in the future.

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