Choosing the Right Size Air Conditioner

The cooler temperatures of winter are arriving, so you may be wondering why even think about your air conditioner at this time. The time to think about your cooling solution for next summer is now.

You may not need to put an air conditioner to use for another four or five months, but you can be prepared for when you actually need air conditioning and want to have it installed. That is only a few months away, while you can still get by without needing the aid of an AC unit. So if you are considering getting something new, now is the time to figure out exactly what you need so you can purchase a new unit and have it installed before you need it most. Buying in the offseason for an AC unit can also potentially save you some money as well.

One of the common questions about AC units is what size you need for your home. Do you need a 1.5 ton AC unit or a 5 ton AC unit and what’s the difference? It all depends on the size of the space you are trying to cool.

The size of the AC unit determines its cooling capabilities and how efficient it will be for a certain size area. This is determined based on where you are in the country in terms of the climate you deal with and the size of the room.

A 1.5 ton AC unit will be more than enough for a home that is between 700 and 1100 square feet if you live in the northern part of the country in states like Minnesota or Wisconsin. For states that experience hot summers like Florida and Texas, a 1.5 ton AC unit is the choice for homes that are 600 to 900 square feet.

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So it all depends on the space you are looking to cool and where you live. With that in mind, why is now the best time to get a new AC unit?

Being prepared is everything. As the temperatures get colder, imagine if you still didn’t have a heating solution of discovered that your heater was broken and you suddenly needed a replacement. There are many people who end up in this situation and with so many people potentially needing an emergency replacement, it can lead to longer waits to get an appointment for installation or service. Having a unit at the ready for installation when you may not need it just yet is a perfect time. For an AC unit, consider early to mid-spring and make your appointment to have it installed so that when you have to use it, you are ready.

To find the best AC units of any size for any home or office, you can turn to Budget Air Supply. Buying a new air conditioner can sometimes feel complicated and challenging because you want something that is the right size and doesn’t waste energy, but with the experts at Budget Air Supply, you get the help you need to find the right unit for your home, something that will keep you cool and comfortable all summer.

Budget Air Supply was founded on the basis of good and quality service. When it comes to getting a new heating or AC solution, you want to purchase from a company that not only values you as a customer but also can be of assistance and answer your questions with honesty and efficiency. So choose Budget Air Supply today and take care of all of your needs to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer so your family is always comfortable in your home.

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