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Clean these points of contact to avoid Flu in commercial areas

The Flu is one virus that can attack at any time of the year and anyone can be invaded by it. But there is a special time of the year in which Flu is the most active. In the United States, the period of Flu attack is between December and March. But there is a way by which you can minimize the risk and that is by hiring commercial cleaning companies near me.

How to find commercial cleaning companies near me?

There are several ways by which you can find a commercial cleaner near your business. The easiest way is to search in local newspapers and magazines for the closest company. The latest technique is by the search for the wide sea of the internet. First, you have to turn the location on your device, type commercial cleaning businesses near me and you will have a long list of companies.

Avoid Flu by cleaning these points of contact

Personally, an employee can take care of him/ herself when they are exposed to Flu or before even the season starts. Have Flu shots, adapt to hygienic habits, be prepared for the attack and take leave when you are under attack. But the owners of offices and other commercial areas have to hire cleaning companies so that they can clean things that are the sources of having Flu.

The locks and knob of Doors

The door handles and knobs are the ones things in a commercial area that are touched the most. If one person is suffering from Flu and he/ she touches them the others can have it. So cleaning them is inevitable. For every kind of material used the technique of cleaning is different. The commercial cleaners must know the materials that are used.

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The panels for light switches

Each and everyone has to touch the light switches to turn the lights on or off. Flu germs can easily be transferred from one person to another. Initially, the switch panels are wiped clean of dirt, mud, oil and jelly-like substance. Then a disinfectant is used to destroy the Flu virus and other kinds of bacteria.

Different handles of cupboards and drawers

Not all employees or staff members use or open cupboards and drawers. The people related to the management team are the ones who are the most in contact with it. There are various materials that are used to make handles like steel, metal, wood, aluminum, porcelain, nylon and glass; according to which the cleaning items are decided to be used.

Railings of staircases

Another important point of contact through which the Flu virus can spread is the staircase railings. Like the door handles of cupboards, drawers, and doors; the staircases are also made from glass, metal, and wood. Famous cleaning companies like Jan Pro OKC clean them on every alternate day. This will help to reduce the spread of germs and viruses to others.

The Flushing button

The button on the top of the flush in the toilet is used to drench the waste in the toilet; so that it becomes clean. Bu the flusher becomes dirty and is the cause of increasing the spread of Flu. The bathrooms must be given full attention during the Flu season and especially the toilet flush button.

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The Faucet sets

In a commercial area, the faucet set is not only installed in kitchens and bathrooms but also at places where workers and employees are working and they want to wash their hands. If these sets are installed outdoors then dirt and mud will always be on them. Thorough cleaning of these faucet sets is important.

Hand wash Pumps

At many places the soap and hand wash pumps are fixed; so only the top of the pumps can be cleaned as all people press to take out the soap. But there are a few who have these kinds of pumps not fixed. Cleaning them, on the whole, are be easy. The pumps can be made of glass, metal, and plastic.

Telephones and other devices

Telephones, smartphones and other mobile devices are used by all and it can be a very major cause of spreading flu. But a detailed cleaning of these devices can avoid the spread. The devices are in constant use so cleaning them is a must.

Various kinds of control panels

The electrical control panels in a commercial are the most dangerous to clean because at numerous times wires can become loose and can be the cause of an electric breakdown. The cleaning companies must give this duty to their most experienced staff so that accidents can be avoided.

Remote controls for different appliances

Many people touch the remote controls of various appliances on a daily basis. If an employee is suffering from Flu; it touches them then the other person can get the flu virus as well. The remote controls should be sanitized at least 4 times a week.

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Mice and Keyboards of Laptops and Desktop Computers

Good commercial cleaning companies near me is the one who leaves no table unturned. The keyboards and the mice attached to the laptops and desktop computers are the items in a commercial area that can be the main source of Flu transfer.

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