Cloud computing

Cloud Computing: The Perfect Business Partner

Every year, companies spend billions on developing and installing software to align themselves with the ongoing global business pace. Cloud computing is one of the many services that businessmen and companies all over the world are upgrading to. It is one of the safest ways to store and share sensitive data. 

Let’s be honest. We have all worked hard to bring our businesses to the positions where they stand now. From lots of monetary investment to refinement of on-premises servers, we have done a lot to protect our business data. But is our data really ever safe enough to withstand a system failure? I have spent several GBs of my Spectrum internet packages looking for the safest way to protect my business data. I have come across cloud computing as one of the most reliable and the safest ways to secure your data online. Here’s why…

Easy Collaboration

Were there times when you had nightmares regarding the safety of your hard-drive, and then about the safety of another one on which you had all your data backed up? You must be almost glad that those days are over. Cloud computing can make your software and data available to you online, from anywhere and at any time. There is no device limitation either. Your hard-drive is no longer the most precious thing you own. You can also share your work documents with your team anytime, while they can comment, share, or suggest changes too. 

You can also use your mobile phone to collaborate with apps like Skype and Slack, and connect with your team to discuss ways to improve your work. Space is ample, without having to carry around a physical storage device. 

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Finance Check

Yes, your cloud can do this for you too. There are apps available, which require you to simply enter your data and give you an overview of all your financial statistics within minutes. This way, you can save your time for other tasks that require your attention more. You don’t have to consult your financial advisor every single time something as small as a transaction detail comes up. You stay up-to-date on the financial status of your business at all times. 

Variety of Apps to Help

The flexibility of cloud computing makes it possible to switch things up or down, as per your requirement. You are not stuck with things like heavy desktop systems to stick to. Let me explain it with the help of an example. While you are working on the cloud, you have multiple options to choose from. Some apps can do the multi-tasking for you without slowing you or your system down. This can greatly improve team communication. Cloud introduces you to a variety of apps, which not only help you work smarter but save lots of time too.

Better Mobility Safety

Ever watched a movie where the mafia head wanted a certain video clip from the hero, and he had to run and hide through the entire movie to save himself? We all did. Sorry to break the bubble for you, but with cloud computing, this is never going to happen to you. Whatever is the nature of your data sensitivity, it is safe on the cloud. Even if you misplace your laptop or it is stolen, there is no way anybody can reach your data without having access to your login details. 

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This also makes your data safe in case of any system failure, natural disaster, fire or rain. Your business is not going to get affected. All your data remain safe and sound. You can access it back anytime, and from anywhere with an internet connection. This is because your data is stored on a cloud, not a physical system.

This also secures your data if you want to share it with someone. Access levels vary, and you can decide what, how much, and with whom to share it. 

Agility and Newness

If you haven’t yet moved to the cloud, try it to see how your business can reach new heights of innovation. It can gear up the traditional working pace, challenge your team to do better and more, which can lead to innovative ideas bouncing back. 

All it is going to require is letting go of traditional working patterns, strong leadership to handle the effects of a racing work-pace, and a cooperative team to meet the pace. It is not going to cost much either, but in the long run, your business will see magical benefits in the shape of sales returns and flowing communication practices. It can also enhance the competitive business environment.  


If you own a business, you must be well aware of the traditional ways of growing it – starting with you paying for stuff for upgrading your business. Installation, storage, getting the licenses approved, all these headaches come later. Scaling your cloud computing services is a piece of cake in comparison. You can get new features installed, or have access to additional storage space in no time. You make the payment and your job is done. That is exactly how easily you can upgrade your package. 

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Above all, using cloud computing is a lot cheaper than using hardware. You don’t have to hire people to do the technical or the maintenance work for you, which you would have to if you are running a data center. You just have to pay for the services that you use. The amount is based upon the features you use, the number of people getting the access, and the storage memory. You can also choose from a package or get one made for your business needs. It is the same as paying your internet bill online. Like when I pay Charter bill online, it just takes a few clicks and it is done. Getting cloud computing services is just as easy.