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6 Clutter Bombs That Make Your Home Feel Stressful—and How To Defuse Them

It’s simply easy to walk into the room and just leave clothes on the empty chair. Or just pile one thing over the other and make a mental note to deal with it later. But, if you don’t deal with the clutter instantly and continue leaving things where they don’t belong, chaos is about to erupt. These clutter bombs contribute to your home looking messy and can even cause stress. Learn how to defuse these clutter bombs before the situation turns into a catastrophe.

Declutter your entryway

Entryway gets easily cluttered because we leave our shoes, packages and other things we take into our house from the outside.  These objects can stay there only temporarily unless you plan on turning it into a clutter bomb. If you only wear sneakers during the weekend, they shouldn’t be among the shoes you wear daily. Put them away after each use and reduce entryway clutter. Treat shoes just like your packages, once they arrive, just put them away. So, once you take your shoes off, put them away.

Lack of blank space on your shelves

The fact that your shelves are covered with trinkets, decorations, books, and objects that don’t belong there, are the first clutter bombs. Lack of blank space on the shelves in your living room creates the effect of clutter. Even by looking at these objects you can feel the clutter encompassing you.

To reduce the amount of clutter make sure you leave on third of each shelf empty. Start by removing the object that doesn’t belong there like a stapler or a hair styling product. Put these objects to their rightful place. Then, try to reduce the number of objects by one third. Emotional trinkets and other decorations can be placed into a memory box. You’ll still get to keep them and increase the visual appeal of your shelves.

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Too many trinkets 

Some of these might have been received as a present or have sentimental value to you. When you just add additional objects, without eliminating anything, you create emotional or sentimental clutter. Our space is limited so we have to detach ourselves from objects we keep since childhood or early age. Each time you receive a figurine of a decorative object as a gift, you have to remove something and put these new objects in its place. This way you’ll reduce the number of trinkets on shelves and avoid creating unnecessary clutter.

Misplaced objects

We all have that chair that is covered with clothes then it is used for sitting. It’s because we’re too lazy to put things where we keep them once we stop using them. We just put them on the first flat surface we encounter.

One of the ways to clear clutter is to always return an object to its designated position. Clothes should be left in the wardrobe. Books should be returned to the bookcase and cosmetics should be kept in the rightful drawer or cosmetic case. Put everything back and repeat this daily until it becomes a habit.

A blocked window

Lack of natural light caused by a blocked window can have an impact on your wellbeing. If your windows are blocked by things piled up on the window sill you need to remove them. Turning a window sill into a shelf for plants can be a nice decorative touch, but limit the number of plants. Also, dress up your windows differently to let the light in and still have some privacy. Simple roman blinds will update your interior design and also provide enough light if you choose the light filtering option. 

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Overflowing work area

Piles of paper, books, used coffee cups, used plate and spilled paper clips contribute to a workplace clutter bomb. It’s so easy to leave these things on the desk once you finish working and move away from your work area. This is especially true if you work from home. Moreover, it doesn’t create a peaceful, motivating and productive space. Don’t leave used things next to your computer and create a messy scene. Once you finish with your coffee, make a quick break by stepping out to the kitchen and wash everything. Organize your folders and keep piles of paper neat and tidy and easily accessible. Pens, paper clips, and other stationery should be kept in their boxes or a drawer. 

Once you clear out all unnecessary clutter, you’ll life will instantly get better. Clutter can be easily diffused with these tips. Simple changes in our behavior can make this a lot easier. Just return things where they belong when you stop using them.

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