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Colour palette for corporate people

Corporate is about proving yourself, meeting deadlines and facing neck to neck competition. Besides working hard, you need to look presentable so for that consider colours which are mentioned below.

Colours that are right for your office hours.

1. Green.

Colour that you should consider for office is green as it emits vibes of freshness, safety and harmony. Besides positive vibes, it cools down your eyes hence leaving without any eyestrain thus it is good for those people who are into a desk job.  

Different shades of green have different vibes so be careful before you pick a blazer or shirt in green. Shades of green that could be considered for office wear are olive, emerald and pine with a black trouser or blue denim.

2. Blue.

Blue represents truth and wisdom and is known for its calming effect. Blue is considered for those people who are volatile in nature and are surrounded by a drama-filled workplace as its most stable colour. 

3. Brown.

Brown is good for those men who want to reflect their masculine nature because it’s known for its stability. When it comes to styling, pair white shirt with a brown blazer and black trouser. You may even pair the green blazer with a light blue shirt and brown tie with beige coloured formal trousers.

Colours which are not meant for the office.

1. Yellow.

Though yellow is the happiest and known for emitting positive vibes but when it about wearing it to office, man you need to stay away from it because it is also an unstable colour. Besides that, it makes the wearer look weak.

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2. Grey.

Though wearing grey is not a bad idea for office only if you pair it up brighter colour as it offset the negative energy that it radiates. The colour suggests that individuals are latent, uninvolved and have an absence of vitality.

3. Red.

When we say red, first two words which come to our mind are aggression and passion that the reason why it’s not good for office going people. No one wants to come up with a fight with his/her boss. This colour is good for a date but not office. 

Well, we discussed colours that are good for daily wear. Now the ones which we are about to discuss should be treated as an accent colours rather than as primary colours

1. Orange

Orange stands for stimulation and enthusiasm. Though it’s not as aggressive as red yet it’s capable of grabbing the attention of another person hence its good to wear it in moderation. You may go for an orange tie, pocket square for blazers or might be just in the form of cufflink etc.

Shades such as Rust, Honey, Amber look good when carried decently.

2. Purple.

The colour of magic is second on our list. Purple is all about royalty and luxury. This colour appears rarely in nature, that’s the reason it’s seen to be artificial. For your corporate look, you may incorporate a purple tie with a white shirt. 

3. White.

White is all about cleanliness and perfection. and because it’s difficult to maintain its shine while working that’s the reason why its good to wear as an accent colour, for instance, you may go for a white shirt or a white handkerchief 

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Well, there is one more thing which exists in corporate life, parties. Having some corporate discussions and some corporate jokes are common in parties. Well to have a long-lasting impression on others its mandatory to put your best foot forward. Apart from dressing well from outside, you need to look great from within as well i.e. one has to be particular about underwear style and colour as well. 


1.Fair/Pale Skin

If you are a man with fair or pale skin, wear men’s boxer brief or jockstraps in dark colours so that your personality can be embraced rather than getting diminished. Shades that you should look for are

grey, brown, burgundy, bottle green, navy and bolder shades of blue.

This was about colours that compliment your skin tone, colours which diminish your skin tone are pastel shades or bright colours, neutrals such as white, light beige or stone. Richer shades such as sand, camel, khaki and slate grey look great on you.


2.Olive/Medium Skin

For medium skin tone colours such as pale beige rather than warm sand works right. Even if you are planning to give light neutrals or bolder shades a chance go ahead with magenta rather than mauve. Shades which are not meant are green and yellow since your skin likely have their undertones. Other shades to ditch are pistachio, mustard, olive and mocha brown.


3.Darker Skin

Being a dark skin man, you get the license to choose whichever coloured underwear you like to have still there are few shades that compliment your skin colour. Colours which are bold, bright such as jade green or cobalt blue is great for your men’s lingerie whereas colour such as brown is not meant for you. Besides this colour, you should also stay away from black and navy. If it’s hard for you to stay away from them, you can use them in a minimum amount.

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Well, if you are feeling that we are stopping you to wear your favourite shades, that’s not true. We live in a century where every person has a right to choose what’s best for him and what’s not. Telling you which colour is good for your personality is just helping you to enhance your personality in a better version. We are just trying to help you in becoming the better version of yourself by giving you confidence through styling. If you trust our words, how about learning through your experience?