Colours of the Cables

Cable ties are now part and parcel of every household as a result of their multiple applicability and reasonable price. These cable ties upon their invention were only used in electrical and hardware industry. Gradually, these cable wires were modified to be used for commercial as well as household purpose.

As the tool became popular as a result of its multiple usages, the product was largely sold in a commercial market. In response to such high demand, the cable tie manufacturers went forward with other modifications to these wires with an object to acquire a broader market and draw maximum profit.

Hence the cable wires were now produced in multiple colours as well as they were divided into different types having a slight difference in the design but serving different purposes. The colour cable ties often come in the colours of red, black, green and yellow out of which Black cable ties and red cable ties are the most popular.

Types of Cable Ties

There are various types of cable ties that are available in many colours, shapes and sizes. Some of the common types of cable ties are as follows:

Standard Cable ties

These are colour cable tiesavailablein red, green and blue colours and used for bonding electrical wires together.

Releasable Cable ties

These also colourcable tiesthat have a tighter lock and are also available in green and grey colours.

Miniature cable ties

These are used to tie household objects like phone wires, TV cable wires.  These are usually available in red and black colours.

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Intermediate Cable Ties

These are UV resistant ties and are commonly called Black cable ties.

Special Black and Red Cable Ties

Black cable ties are standard cable ties that can be used for numerous purposes, but there is another variety of cable tie that is generally available in black colour. These are the UV resistant ties that are manufactured only in black colour because of its nature of being heat resistant. Such UV resistant ties are generally called Black cable ties, but they differ from standard cable ties in their use and features.

Similarly, Red cable ties are also a part of standard cable ties and are generally used for colour-coding. However, Red cable ties are also another specific cable tie that is made from a different raw material than the standard cable tie and is used in plenum cabling in buildings to protect the cables and wires from fire.