Complete Guide: Fashion Rules on What Shoes to Wear With Jeans

Although joggers, chinos, and cargo pants have all made their particular plays for the satisfaction of place in our rotations, jeans are still the go-to, go-anywhere pants. Denim is a cakewalk whether you wear it formally in office and life events. You can never go wrong with it, right?

No, you can actually go wrong. One of the most tricky things about wearing jeans is choosing the right shoes. Either you’ll look confused or at best when wearing shoes with jeans. Just try to think about if you could find a pair of shoes to wear with jeans that can immediately attract attention and stand out. We’re sure you would want it.

In this article, we’re going to share with you particularly what shoes to wear. Take note that there are many dressy and casual men’s shoes to wear with jean. The technique is finding your style and the shoes you feel most comfortable in.

Brogues With Jeans 

These type of shoes are greatly more formal than the trainers that almost all of us pull along around in given the option, however, brogues are even so a relatively casual smart shoe, if that isn’t countering in terms, initially designed for farmers to wander through muddy fields. This is why they’re commonly more suited to homespun rural weddings than sharp urban nuptials and business-casual rather than the corporate boardroom.

A popular rule is that a sleek, slightly particular brogues will alter more formal; chunky, hole-punched ones will change more casual. Another factor that impacts which jeans your brogues will or won’t work with are the colour. You may want to go from black at the formal edge and coming by lighter towards the other. Although relatively tan brogues are inappropriate for smart navy tailoring– just avoid doing this– they match amiably with smart casual indigo denim. Added points if the shoes’ shade picks out the jeans’ stitching.

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Chelsea Boots With Jeans 

A lot of men think that they only need casual shoes and dress shoes. However, the only way to prepare your look and wardrobe for anything is to have a third type of footwear. Footwear that can manage with rain and snow. This is great when it’s pouring rain because you’ll always look more prepared in a pair of boots than in sneakers or dress shoes. And almost everyone’s favourite boot to wear on wet days are Chelsea boots.

These boots have a firm pedigree and date back to the Victorian era, the mid-1800s. They come in both plain and suede leather. Either is business-appropriate men’s shoes to wear with jeans. Chelsea boots are higher than Chukkas and Desert boots, and they don’t have laces. Instead, they have elastic side panels and tabs or loops on the top of the boot shaft. The tabs’ purpose is to make it easier to pull the Chelsea’s on. Having a laceless design lets you take your boots easy and fast. Chelsea soles are created with either stained leather or rubber.

Open-Lacing Boots With Jeans 

If you live in a place where there is a harsher climate, wetter part of the world, buying low-top shoes to wear with jeans might seem as foreign to you. When it comes to harsh climates, your footwear must be able to withstand huge puddles and inches of snow on your commute. But try not to look like Bear Grylls while wearing it–if you want to appear less wild and more educated.


Penny Loafers With Jeans 

This style looks rich with almost anything such as denim. Penny loafers are a flexible Ivy League staple that has even discovered a new currency among sneakerhead streetwear fanatics. Since penny loafers have a low vamp, combining them with a wide leg opening would just make your feet look weirdly chunky. So choose jeans that are cropped, tapered, or pinrolled.

High-Tops With Jeans 

You’ve set aside cash for a long time, had the patience for the queue around the block, and at last, you’ve got your hands on the newest drop. It feels bad to cover your high-tops up with your pants! If you don’t like the idea of buying shorter jeans for days or you don’t want to fray the look with a pair of scissors, just simply roll them to just above the top of your sneakers. Don’t do it more than twice because the thickness will kill the whole look altogether.

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