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Composite Cladding Products for Efficient Work

After getting used to the external applications, the composite cladding system designed by us will offer you an attractive and affordable way to complete the exterior of both new and renovated buildings. Your bucks and time are further saved as there is no need for painting, staining or treatment.

The current-day cladding system is generously having fame for the innate capacity to replace bricking devices as a facing or siding material. The importance of choosing accurate material that can impart both attractiveness and durability can never be negated.

The composite cladding system, designed and manufactured by us is one of all combination of wood and plastic. It offers beautiful resistance to rotting. At the same time, the color reveals vibrant characteristics too. Our versatile cladding system finds application in domestic applications. Such applications include homes, gardens and outer parts of buildings. At the same times, these beautiful monarchies enjoy commercial demands too. Many offices, factories and upcoming residential developments take advantages of this classic side-facing material.

The Purpose of These Products:

The unique composite cladding system is available in a multitude of colors. These textures include likes that include weathered cedar. Our experts are of the opinion that these colors serve as hard-wearing materials and offer protective layer against natural elements. Besides, these colors have been proven to have excellent insulating capacity.

While operating successfully as an effective medium for exterior wall cladding, the composite cladding system offered by us can be used as decorative façade thereby enhancing the interiors of the house. These devices possess a high fire rating specification thereby proving these as top fire-resistant elements. The FSC certification generated by us has enabled these elements to become viable for better future environment.

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Our team has extensive knowledge as well as in-hand experience in the functionalities of fiber-glass reinforced plastic, timber composites and composite cladding system. The products offer customers low life cycle cost vowed out of the long life expectancy.

Product Feature

Our composite cladding system is made up of recycled contents. The contents of the material are all FSC certified thereby able to offer a natural wood cladding appearance. Furthermore, product was invented by putting the aspects of security as prima facie. In compliance with the building regulations, we have designated a fire rating specification for the specimen that has international recognition. The fire rating specification offered to us is identical for the low smoke volume it offers. There will be no production of droplet in the event of a fire.

While choosing the composite cladding system, make yourself convinced that you are selecting a composite timber cladding plank. The features are regularly tested and designed for the real world.

The Features can be Enumerated in the Following Way:

  • Offers high strength to weight ratio.
  • Colour is permanent.
  • Rot, warp and splinter Resistant.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • Fire Resistant.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Simple Cutting and Site Install.
  • FSC® Certified.
  • Having no knots.

Applications of the Composite Cladding System

The system finds applications in the following genre:

  • New Build Homes
  • Residential Renovations
  • Extensions & Conversions
  • Self-Build Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Offices & Factories
  • Garages & Outbuildings
  • Garden Rooms
  • Workshops

The Benefits offered by the Composite Cladding System

You will be able to enjoy the following benefits over the installation of the system:

  • Eased handling.
  • Stability of UV Colors.
  • The materials offered will be bio-friendly.
  • They will give an attractive display throughout life.
  • Ne special skill will be needed in installation or maintenance.
  • No paint or stain.
  • Standard tools are required only.
  • The waste generation is least.
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