Consider These Options in a Lightweight Cart Bag

Golf cart bags aren’t necessarily designed to be lightweight. Not that they are heavy by any intentional design, but the focus of a cart bag is to enable you to carry as much gear in as little space as possible while making it easy to retrieve that gear. They’re really not designed with the intent of making them easy to carry or stand up. In fact, they are usually specifically designed to make it easy for you to access your gear while the bag is laying in or on the back of a golf cart. Therefore, when you find a Lightweight Cart Bag that doesn’t sacrifice any features of ease of access or space, you’ve got a real keeper. If you need one that’s lightweight for that extra portability, consider these before looking any further.

Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag
This lightweight cart bag is so designed to make it easy for you to carry it around without sacrificing any design stylistics that make it convenient for use from the comfort of a golf cart. In other words, it’s ideally designed to carry all of the equipment you need and is fairly easy to transport as well. This cart bag has a 14-way divider system and 5 full-length dividers to help prevent shaft migration, along with an integrated putter zipper that even fits oversized grips. It also comes with ten zippered pockets that make organizing, tracking, and retrieving your golfing equipment convenient and easy. All ten of the pockets are accessible with the bag loaded onto a golf cart, and the bag also features easy lift handles and a padded sling for carriage. Ready for the best part? This cart bag weighs just about 5 pounds.

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Titleist Cart 14 Lightweight Cart Bag
Here’s another great lightweight cart bag from Titleist that comes in at 5.7 pounds, light enough to be carried for long periods without fatigue, but capacious enough for you to be able to bring along everything you need and then some. It has a 14 way organized top and comes with 11 cart accessible zippered pockets, also forward-facing so that you can access anything you need even with the bag loaded up.

Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag
This is another full-featured cart bag that comes in light of weight and heavy on functionality, along with a few innovative bonuses thrown in the mix. The chiller has a 15 way top with full-length dividers to prevent not only damage to your shafts but to prevent migration as well. It comes with 9 pockets that are all easily accessible as well as an insulated cooler pocket with a removable insulated chiller bag so you can bring along lunch on the course and have it at your disposal. To put it in perspective, the chiller pocket can hold 6 12 ounce cans, so it’s not a little afterthought for holding a bagged sandwich. It was designed with utility in mind. Among the other pockets are two large garment pockets as well as a fleece-lined valuables pocket, a ball pocket and more. This bag is full-featured and leaves nothing to be wanted – but it comes in at less than 6 pounds, so if need be you can carry it with minimal fatigue.

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