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Conversion and Pitching through Questionnaires – Market your digital Products right

Owning products right away would not fetch you success. You need to promote them and market them right to gain user traction. One way to do so is by creating content and distributing it all over the internet, right? 

Remember, when was the last time, any user made a purchase from your site after being directed through such content? It seems like a long time ago. Have you wondered why? Why is it that even after you have the right products, and the perfect content marketing strategy, your products aren’t much helpful in generating revenue? 

Well, the answer lies in the methods you use to promote products. Static content, no matter how apt, isn’t capable of retaining the users, let alone engage them with the product. 

The key behind monetizing your products is to channelize them through the right media. Without a doubt, the content marketing techniques would have fetched you customers, some potential ones. But as time unfolds itself, we see a drift in the expectations of users and in order to stand still, you need to do something that offers exactly the same thing as anticipated by the customers. 

Evidently, creating quizzes and adding surveys within the website is proven to be an excellent way of keeping users engaged. 

Gone are the days when you would see a customer reading about the product. Even if it does so, the possibility of being moved by the features is low. 

Quizzes – As a Tool for Marketing

On contrary to the above, designing quizzes that resonate around the product and give users an idea as to what exactly is the product all about, is sent to create a sense of curiosity amongst the customers. Alternatively, it accelerates the odds of customers revisiting the website, looking for the product and even making a purchase. That’s the power of a well-curated quiz. 

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And how are you to do so?

Well, there are plenty of ways with which you can create quizzes. To start with, you would first need to outline the steps needed to do you. You cannot go ahead and create a quiz that is not relevant to the website, let alone the product. What we mean to say is that the questionnaire set should be such that it voices the features of the digital products and attracts users to engage with the same. 

Tips To Create Your First Quiz 

To help you create your first quiz and marketize your digital products, we outline a few things. First things first: 

  • Start with deciding the title of the quiz. It is the first thing that a user sees and has to be such that grabs the attention of the users in the first instance. 
  • Next, decide the type of quiz. 
  • Next, add product-related questions 
  • Share the results 
  • Finally, ask them for their contact information. You would definitely want to pitch products, send them emails, and convert them to customers. So, ask them from email addresses and don’t forget to notify them that they would soon receive emails from you. 

Not sure how to do it? Don’t worry! QSM or the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin is one that will help you achieve all. Add titles, put up questions, track results and analyze on the go.

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