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How to Convert MBOX to PST Manually or try Best MBOX to Outlook Converter ?

In this article, users learn how to convert MBOX to PST files. Import MBOX in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, etc. With the MBOX to PST Converter software, users can export MBOX files directly to their Outlook email client. There are many users who want to switch from MBOX to Outlook PST files. Use the third-party RecoveryTools MBOX Migrator software that allows users to create UNICODE PST files. We all know that the UNICODE PST files are compatible with all current versions of Microsoft Outlook, including Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003 and so on.

MBOX to Outlook PST Converter:

MBOX to Outlook PST Converter software is one of the best applications available today. Users can easily transfer from MBOX to Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is often used by a large number of organizations to manage e-mail. It is one of the most popular email clients that apply to them. Many e-mail clients support the creation of MBOX files for message archiving. The email clients that store the mailboxes are Mac Mail, Spicebird Mail, Apple Mail, Entourage, The Bat, Earth Connection, Berkeley Mail, Chaos Intellect, Netscape Mail, Eudora Mail, Thunderbird, Turnpike, MailCopa, Pocomail, etc.

With RecoveryTools MBOX Migrator software users can convert MBOX to Outlook. It is designed to easily export MBOX files to the Outlook 2016 email client. When you download the free trial version of RecoveryTools from MBOX to PST Converter, the first 25 emails are converted completely for free. It is able to migrate all email content from all selected MBOX files and folders to Outlook PST files.

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mbox to pst

If you are looking for a way to convert MBOX to PST, you can try this innovative application. MBOX is a file extension widely used among users that stores e-mail messages in a single file. In contrast, PST files are personal storage files. Microsoft Outlook stores messages in PST format containing all Outlook information such as emails, contacts, calendars, notes, journals and attachments.

How Do Convert MBOX Files to Outlook?

We all know that the MBOX file format is a flexible file format and can be used by a large number of email clients such as Entourage, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora and others. to archive emails and messages. There are several ways to convert MBOX to Outlook PST file format. The export of MBOX files in PST format is a common scenario.

Process from MBOX to PST:

The manual method to convert MBOX files to PST format, since it is a technically improved solution that simplifies the entire export process. First of all, we need a Gmail account to perform this task.

  1. Log in to Gmail and enable the IMAP option in your preferences.
  2. Configure the Gmail account on any e-mail client that supports MBOX. Ex Thunderbird
  3. Move all Thunderbird mailboxes to your Gmail account and configure all options.
  4. Set up the same Gmail account in Microsoft Outlook immediately.
  5. Select the File menu, then click on Export to PST option.
  6. You will receive a PST file that contains all the information stored in the MBOX file.
  7. The process has been completed successfully. Now you can import the resulting PST file into any Outlook email client.

From the above, we can easily conclude that one of the best applications among users is to perform the transfer from MBOX to PST. The user has different requirements to convert MBOX to PST. The manual method takes a long time and requires a lot of technical knowledge to perform this operation. Manual conversion of MBOX files to PST always involves the risk of data loss. To solve this problem, ordinary users are always asked to test the third-party MBOX to PST converter. One of this powerful software is Recovery Tools MBOX Migrator, which allows users to create UNICODE PST files.

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Advantages of using MBOX to PST Converter:

The third-party conversion software MBOX-PST offers many benefits. It offers the user the direct ability to create a PST file. Users want to convert Gmail MBOX to Outlook PST, Apple Mail MBOX to Outlook PST, Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST, Eudora MBOX to Outlook PST, Outlook Express MBOX to Outlook PST, Google Go from MBOX to Outlook PST, SeaMonkey MBOX to Outlook PST, Powermail MBOX in Outlook PST format, Mac Mail MBOX in Outlook PST, etc. The MBOX Migrator software offers many advantages. Some of them are explained in detail below:

  • Convert Several Email Clients that Exported MBOX to PST: the software supports almost all types of MBOX files. Users can convert MBOX mailbox files received from Netscape Mail, Mac Mail, Spicebird Mail, Apple Mail, Entourage, Bat, Turnpike, Earthlink, Chaos Intellect, Pocomail, Powermail, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Eudora Mail, Berkeley Mail and other customers Emails come from Outlook PST MBOX files.
  • Possibility of Creating a Separate PST file for Each MBOX: the software supports batch conversion of multiple MBOX files into PST format simultaneously. It allows users to create their own PST file for each MBOX file. However, by default, the software creates a single PST file with UNICODE encoding.
  • Create UNICODE PST Compatible with All Outlook: The MBOX to PST Converter tool creates PST files with UNICODE files. PST encoded files can be compatible with any version of Microsoft Outlook. Easily open PST files in Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003 and others for 32-bit and 64-bit operating system versions.
  • Duplicate method to convert MBOX files to PST format: The MBOX to PST Converter tool allows users to transfer data from the MBOX file to the Outlook email client. Users can download a single MBOX file in the software area by clicking the Select file option. Users can also download the entire folder that contains multiple MBOX files to export emails.
  • PST Converter in Outlook MBOX Compatible with Windows: The MBOX to PST conversion software is designed to run smoothly on all versions of Microsoft Windows. Easily run this tool on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and more. For 32- and 64-bit versions of the operating system.
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The Verge: Many email clients generate MBOX files. If there are also orphaned or corrupted MBOX files in memory. Use this simple MBOX to PST conversion software to import mailboxes into your Outlook email client. It is used when migrating old messages from MBOX files to Outlook PST format. I hope this article is the perfect choice to solve all your problems.

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