Cottage Style Décor Ideas for Your Home

The charm of simple cottage style has been long adored for centuries. In fact, the iconic Queen of France, Marie Antoinette found the style so alluring she specifically had a small village of charming cottages known as the “The Queens Hamlet” created on the grounds of the Chateau de Versailles. A way to escape the demands of real life, these cottages served as a retreat for Marie Antoinette and her friends. While you may not have the demands of the former Queen of France, cottage style interiors still serve as a reminder of just how beautiful the simple life really is.

When creating your own charming cottage style home, the first thing that comes to mind is finding the right Cottage Style Furniture to create the look. Envision what the room will be used for and choose your elements accordingly. Create a basis of what is needed to comfortably live out your day to day life, and then add the beautiful things you just can’t live without.

Choose The Right Furniture for You!
Slipcovered furniture creates a relaxed environment from the “no fuss” aspect of being able to wash out signs of daily use; choose high quality cotton or linen fabrics which wear beautifully over time.

Try incorporating wooden pieces into your home. Not only are they incredibly durable, but they help bring in a natural and rustic element. We particularly love this oak driftwood piece.

Armchairs and Bergeres are always a fun find, choose the kind with plush seats so you and your guests can sit comfortably as you chat for hours. As chairs can be moved around the home easily, make this a passionate purchase. Find ones that you love and you’ll always have a place for them.

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Mirrors and Chandeliers offer a bit of glamour to even the most modest of spaces. These additions can make the eye travel and create a sense of whimsy. We recommend searching for an Antique or Vintage piece for the ultimate shabby chic look.

Buy With Love
Cottage style is wonderfully collected; it’s a blend of all the beautiful things you love that have captured your heart over the years. Don’t be afraid of imperfections, details such as chippy paint, rubbed away gold, rusty patinas, sun bleached wood, and faded fabrics all add to the charm of cottage style.

Take your time finding the right pieces for your home. Visit flea markets, yard sales, and online resources such as for beautiful collections of antique & vintage furniture and accessories. Those who love cottage style furniture have searched long and far for the perfect pieces to add to their home. Collect the items you love and your home will remain timeless.

Mix It Up
An alluring aspect of cottage style interiors, is the ability to mix in different colors, layers and textures to a room. Items such as rustic baskets, glittering chandeliers, blankets, zinc vases, marble tables, and chippy cabinets all add such rich and unique details to a room. Patterns can be mixed, while finishes can vary from a bright gilt, to a chipped white; there is a freedom to include whatever it is you love.

At the end of the day, everyone deserves a peaceful retreat to come home to. Fill your home with the things that inspire you to live beautifully.

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