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Custom Printed Cigarette Boxes, How to Get Them at Wholesale?

There was a time in my childhood when smoking a cigarette was my fantasy. Okay, I know it’s a bit strange. But it was the case indeed. Well, I born in the era when cigarettes were still there quite massively. Cinema and tv screens were repeatedly showing smoke commercials. Cigarette billboards were placed here and there on the streets. Our favorite stars used to smoke with a suave style. Even sports events were sponsored by cigarette brands. So, at that time how could you ignore the nicotine appeal? Eventually, I had to be a cigarette fan. Then soon came the time when abruptly cigarettes were prohibited. All the electronic and print media advertisement was abolished. Their selling outside the educational institutions and at public places was banned. It is interesting to know that still, today cigarettes are there in our lives in a way or so. Their consumption has been decreased but they have not been obsoleted. There are still a large number of people who smoke. They need cigarettes. And cigarettes need their packaging boxes. How you can have custom printed cigarette boxes? I have tried to sum up some relevant wholesale solutions as following. Read and get, what you want.

Right resources are the first step

First, analyze the product quality of your cigarettes. You have to watch out how much you have invested in your brand. Have you made it a luxury product or you are trying to focus on the retail’s customers? For instance; cigars are also a type of smoking. The brand value is distinguished by their

packing. Some of the cigar encasement has separate wrappings for each of the cigars. The same is the case with cigarettes. If you made your cigarettes a high-end product then you would need some lavish packing. It is good to know that packaging boxes for cigarettes do not consume much of your expense. Cardstock is the most relevant material for these. Use this comfort. This material has all the durability that is needed to have a suitable box. Thus, custom cigarette boxes wholesale manufacturing is not difficult.

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Illustrated and digital patterns

What I have seen in all my years of packaging is the simplicity of the design patterns for these boxes. You will never see the funky type of cigarette boxes in your whole life. Instead, they are always sober in their appeal. Each of the cigarette case designing is conceived in one or two colors. Rarely they go for multiple utilization of hues and shades. I think this design idea has been agreed by all the cigarette manufacturers and consumers alike. You can also have a patent color tone for your custom printed cigarette boxes. The product logo and brand name should be used wisely. Effective use of typography can also enhance your design value.

Foil stamping is a key factor

The use of foil stamping is appreciated by all the packing experts. The quick benefit of stamping appears with the luxe which is an apparent result of it. Stamping is applied in almost all of the colors. Though it is most famous in gold and silver colors. Once your box goes through the stamping process, every aspect of packaging becomes significant.

Insertion keeps them fresh

To place the befitting insertions in your cigarette packaging boxes is essential. This is one of the most difficult aspects of the cigarette boxes to craft them with the right inserts. Whenever you open a cigarette encasement, you would notice its fragile but clean ends and corners. The lid of the box is precisely designed to delicately shut down on them.

Be careful with precautions

Always follow the legal guidelines about cigarettes and smoking. Never miss even a single detail. Collect all the precautionary messages and print them on the box at a visible place. It is good to make attractive custom cigarette boxes but to leave any needed detail can waste all of the hard work done from the packaging Company. Good luck with your future ventures.

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