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Data breach fear? Here’s everything businesses need to know!

The recent outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and observation of the lockdown has disrupted almost every industry across the world. While some sectors witnessed a complete shutdown, others have extended work from home to their employees. The abrupt announcement of the lockdown left businesses unprepared for creating a mechanism for the smooth and safe execution of tasks by the employees working remotely.

The recent news coverages highlighted several cases where the data of a significant number of businesses were breached. In some cases, the data was compromised due to employing open and easily temperable data transfer/communication platforms, while in a few other cases, the employees were involved in compromising the data. Moreover, due to the absence of data protection statutes, businesses are exposed to several vulnerabilities.

Interestingly, businesses from around the world are employing software for ensuring communication and data safety. One such firm — Adaptive Security offers a number of products that seal any chances of data breach and leakage. The products of the firm have helped several companies in making the process of data transfer and communication not only safe but easy and fast as well.

Adaptive Security’s ‘Secure Com’ easy-to-use messaging software enables peer data sharing most securely. Through Secure Com, individuals can share pictures, videos, documents and make instant calls as well. The software provides end-to-end encryption which eliminates the risks of any sort of compromises. It is designed for Android and iOS devices use SIP server that is hosted on its premises for key and user authentication.

In today’s world, data is the biggest asset of any company, irrespective of the sector. Being an essential corporate resource, it becomes the utmost responsibility of the businesses to keep their data safe while ensuring continuity in their business processes.

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Abrupt disruption brought by coronavirus has created a complex problem for businesses, but companies such as Adaptive Security are offering holistic solutions for these grave threats. Although several tech firms are providing products that claim safe data transfers, it is always advisable to trust the firms like Adaptive Security which have a proven track record in serving their clientele successfully.