Did you know about these Adult Circumcision Surgery Facts

People think that they are aware of each and everything that is happening around them. But they are mistaken because there can be a situation where you don’t have all the information needed. At other instances, the data can be false or misconceptions.

It is really important that you distinguish the fictions from facts so that the correct details reach you. Many people don’t bother to differentiate between facts and myths and suffer consequences. These effects are the most prominent if you avoid differentiating facts from fiction when you want to undergo Adult Circumcision Surgery.

Misconceptions Referring to Adult Circumcision Surgery:

Have you ever thought why men avoid having the surgical procedure although it has many medical benefits? There are several misconceptions that people have spread against circumcision just because they think that it is a violation of the body as well as human rights.

A very Painful Procedure:

The surgeon can either give an anesthesia to the patient during the procedure so that he doesn’t feel any pain or there are latest techniques in which men can feel no pain and very little blood is lost.

Longer Recovery Time:

As compare to other surgical procedures circumcision is a minor surgery. The recovery time is also short but people have spread lies that the period is longer. It takes 2 weeks for the patients to fully recover in normal circumcision whereas, in suture less one men can heal within a week.

One Kind of Anesthesia Used:

In a critical surgery, the surgeons administer only one type of anesthesia that is a general one. This same concept is thought to be for circumcision surgery in adults but the truth is that not only general but also local anesthesia is given to the patients. A regional one targets the very specific area of the body part.

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Change in the Penis Size:

People are misguided by others when they are told that the size of the penis gets sorter after the surgery. This procedure is just removal of the excess skin from the tip of the penis; not taking off the whole upper portion. The size always remains the same before and after the surgery.

All Skin Removed:

The skin that is taken off is not from the whole of the organ but just to make the glans visible. It is really a false acquisition that the surgeons remove the whole skin from the penis and leaving it naked.

Did You Know these Facts?

In order to fully understand what this surgery is you have to know the facts that surround it. In order to do it, you have to get the idea about the procedure from any clinic like Circumcision Center. But you will be surprised to know that this surgical procedure has many interesting facts.

Recommended for Paralysis Cure:

During the 1800s the doctors started using circumcision to cure various ailments. Doctors found out that when the foreskin was pulled back and forth repeatedly; this caused sharp pain that caused the knees of the boy to paralyze. But this couldn’t be seen in those boys who had circumcision surgery. So they were circumcised to avoid paralysis.

It is Complex Skin:

The foreskin is not like ordinary skin. It is made of mucous membrane which is identical to the inside of the eyelid. This membrane is moist from the inside and attracts various diseases like HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

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First Ever Circumcision in Egypt:

It is not clear when circumcision originally began but researchers have found evidence that it was done in Egypt nearly 2400 BC. There are bas-reliefs that show the process has been performed. In those days it was not done on infants rather it showed that the teenager is becoming a man.

A Status Symbol:

To promote hygiene is the society the boys were circumcised in the hospitals where they were born. But soon it became a symbol of status and prestige. Only the people of high society could afford to give birth in hospitals; it developed into a sign that the gentry only had their babies circumcised.

Large in Number:

Around the world, there is a large population that has been circumcised. Majority of them are Muslims, Jews and men belonging to societies that promote this surgical procedure. But in America alone, 81% of the citizens are circumcised which is a large number.

Origin in America:

As discussed above the boys were circumcised to avoid been paralyzed but there was another reason as to why it began in America. That reason is to reduce masturbation in boys when they are experiencing changes during adolescence. But just after 100 years human right activists considered it to be unethical and violation of the rights that a boy has.

Depiction of Bravery:

In many societies till date consider Adult Circumcision as a symbol of bravery. It shows that the boy has transformed and has entered the life of a man. The boys have to bear extreme pain without anything to soothe the pain.

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It must be very clear to you now that Adult Circumcision Surgery has links with the past but at the same time has many reasons to be performed.

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