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Know How to Spot the Difference Between an Authentic Soccer Jersey and a Replica Soccer Jersey

There is a very fine line when it comes to differentiating between authentic and replica soccer jerseys. There is barely any difference between the authentic and replica soccer jerseys if they are manufactured by some such huge company. There is a certain point of difference basis in which you can find out the authentic and replica soccer jersey. Here we can discuss the parameters of the differentiation. Soccer fans who wish to buy the replica soccer jersey for a cheap price can read this article to find out from where can they get such replica jerseys for cheap.

When you want to buy a jersey you musty first find out the difference between the original and replica jersey. Spend money wisely, look for the authentic jerseys cheap. Check the point of differences here:

Fitting of Jersey: The jersey fits perfectly to the body of the player but also must not be breathtaking tight. The jersey must be of proper fitting but also must not come in the grip of the opponents. The jersey must be made of 100% polyester material. The correct tight-fitting is available in authentic jerseys. Replica Jerseys are also similar but not up to the mark.

Breath-Ability: This is one of the most important features in a jersey. The Jerseys must soak sweat at the earliest and must also have a good breath-ability so that the perspiration is soaked at the earliest from the body of the player. An authentic jersey would have proper breath-ability which would help them play without feeling tired or sticky due to sweat.

Lightweight: It is also important for a jersey to be lightweight. Because the lightweight of the jersey would help the players to do a free movement. Lightweight jersey is a feature of the jersey which is very much required in a jersey to play comfortably.    


Embroidered Crest: In every authentic jersey the crest is embroidered on either side of the chest. In replica jerseys, the crest is usually not embroidered. It is simply stitched as a badge attached to the jersey. Hence embroidery is an important part of an authentic jersey.

Vapor-Knit Technology: The Vapor-knit Technology is used to include the mesh in the jersey which would help the player to breathe properly. These are sections that are formed to make more ventilation in the jersey and increase the airflow within the jersey.

Heat Pressed Logo: The logos of the authentic jerseys are heat pressed logos but the logos of the replica jerseys are usually normal fabric print which peels off over a period of time. The heat pressed logo has longer longevity compared to a fabric printed logo.

What is Authentic Soccer Jersey?

Authentic soccer jerseys are not easily available in the market. The authentic jerseys are usually found in the wardrobe of the players. Authentic jerseys can only be given to the supporters when the player has retired and the jersey of that particular player has been put up for auction.

Authentic jerseys are also referred to several other terms such as, “Player cut”, “Match Jersey” and “Performance cut”. The authentic jerseys have apparel technology instilled in the jersey which means that these jerseys are made using the technologies that are required by the players.   

What is Replica Soccer Jerseys?

One must know that the replica of the soccer jersey does not mean the soccer jersey is fake. Actually, the replica soccer jerseys are another lot of the jersey which the manufacturer of the authentic one manufactures for the fan base of that particular team. Often one single manufacturer manufactures jerseys for several teams at the same time which means that Nike can manufacture jerseys for several soccer teams of the same league and also Nike brings out the away or third away version of the player cut.

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These replica jerseys by the authentic manufacturers are actually of good quality and material but there also other lot manufacturers who bring out the replica jerseys and they are not good in quality those could be termed as fake jerseys.

Variation in Price of Authentic Soccer Jerseys and Replica Soccer Jersey.

Another major pointer which would help one to spot the authentic jersey and mark the difference between the authentic and replica soccer jerseys.

Authentic jerseys can not ever be much cheaper even if they were sold out for sale, because the overall making charges of the authentic jerseys are much higher than replica jersey. Whereas the replica version of the jersey can be found in cheap price.

Mostly soccer fans try to find out cheap replica soccer jersey which would satisfy all the needs of the soccer fans or soccer supporters. So if we compare the price, the replica version of jersey usually costs within or at least $90. But the authentic version of the jersey costs at-least $150. No authentic jersey could be lesser than this price. If at all you find authentic jerseys less than this price know well they might be the fake ones.   

From where can you buy Replica Soccer Jersey?

Although authentic jerseys are most comfortable and most liked by the soccer fans but it is not easy to get the authentic version of them so easily. So it is advisable to get the replica version of the original soccer jersey which is usually made by the manufacturer of the authentic ones.

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There are many retail stores to buy authentic jerseys or replica jerseys for the cheap price. Often at some retail store, it is possible to get cheap authentic jerseys also. Authentic cheap jerseys actually depend from brand to brand. Some of the brands which manufacture the players cut jersey are Puma, Nike, Adidas and many more.

But it is recommended that if you are looking for a replica then you can also look for online sites that sell replica jerseys. There are some renowned online stores that sell the 1st copy of the replica jersey of the original version of the jersey. Through online sites, one would also be able to check all the offers and discounts available for the jersey.

Actually, the replica of the original jersey is actually illegal or unauthorized. But to meet the demand of the soccer lovers and for business profit purpose the original manufacturers also manufactures a replica version of the jersey which the supporters of the different team do buy. Football or soccer is an emotion for people all over the world. People connect most with soccer as a game, so the largest number of accessories of essentials that are printed for any sports is football. All age group is equally interested in football and also they are interested in the football jersey or shirts.

Now the trend has been set for customization of the shirt. The best way to support your team is to buy your favorite team’s authentic jersey for cheap price and customization it as per your choice. You would be free to use the jersey on and off-field as per your choice.

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