Dissecting the Quality of Men’s Double-H Boots

When it comes to a good pair of boots, one size does not fit all. Excuse the pun, but there are many different types of boots that are designed for different purposes, and the features they incorporate either suit them to those environments specifically or lend them a higher measure of durability. For example, snow boots are heavily insulated, waterproof, and usually made with a tread that is designed to offer maximum traction on ice and snow. Snake boots have a high shank that is designed to turn the teeth of snakes and prevent cross encounters. Hiking boots usually are made with tough, heavy soles that are very well cushioned to protect against long term fatigue and overexertion.

Cowboy boots are many to protect the foot against environmental hazards while making it easier to ride on horseback. They are laceless, typically with pointed toes, leather soles, and sharp heels to make it easier to get into the stirrup and get a good grip. If you’re looking for a good pair of cowboy boots, you just can’t go wrong with a pair of Men’s Double-H Boots. Here’s what you can expect in a pair of Double-H Boots – most of which are made right here in the United States of America.

Any given pair of Double-H Boots can offer you a tough outsole with a quality welt to prevent it from separating from the upper while at the same time making it easier to resole the boots. Many of their boots are made with a Goodyear Welt which is great for durability and practicality of re-soling. You’ll also find Double-H Boots with sharp or even stacked heels to protect your feet and afford you great traction. Many of their boots are even given the additional provision of a shank, and some of their boots are shanked with non-metal versions. Any shank is going to give the boot extra durability and protect against fatigue, and it can be tough to beat a steel shank, but at the same time, non-metal versions are lighter while still offering a great deal of strength.

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When it comes to fatigue resistance, many of their boots stand alone for their visionary quality. Many of their boots contain a polyurethane insert which is lightweight and affords a huge degree of cushioning. Not only that, but polyurethane is very tough, but when it does break down or get compressed it can be replaced relatively easily. It’s convenient and comfortable in one package. As relates to comfort, many of their boots are leather lined to cushion your foot and protect against both fatigue and chafing.

In a pair of Men’s Double-H Boots, you will also find a quality set of uppers made from high-quality premium grade leather to afford a great deal of protection for your foot and lower leg. As if this weren’t enough, their boots are not only protective but noteworthy for their design. Any given pair of Double-H Boots is going to present its own sense of style. Their uppers and shafts are handsomely dyed and stitched – each pair offers its own unique spirit. That’s something else that comes with a pair of Double-H Boots – an undeniable sense of style.

To find yourself a new pair of men’s Double-H Boots, check out Jackson’s English & Western Store at There you will find a huge collection of western boots for men and women in many different styles for any purpose you could imagine.

Even better, you could visit their store in Wayland, Michigan, where you can take advantage of their professional stretching, fitting, and break-in services. It can be a trial to fit and break in a new pair of boots, but when you visit Jackson’s Western you can take that off your plate. Check out their website or give them a call at 269-792-2550 to plan your visit.

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