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Do You Think Blockchain Development Courses In India Are Trustworthy?

So far, the year 2020 has been good for blockchain regarding its overall acceptance as an important technology by the government. Many companies have announced their foray into the blockchain space. New policies for upskilling current IT workforce – PRIME (Programme for Reskilling/ Upskilling of IT Manpower for Employability have been announced. Around four lakh professionals will be trained in the latest technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

Adding to these is the report by Linked In that put Blockchain developer as the #1 emerging jobs in India followed by the Artificial Intelligence specialist and Javascript developer jobs.  With such hype and demand created for the Blockchain developer, it is not a surprise that Blockchain development courses in India are also cropping up everywhere.

But are these as good as they claim?

What important curriculum aspects do these Blockchain development courses not include?

What should these blockchain development courses be teaching that will benefit you?

Are the blockchain development courses in India Trustworthy?

These are important questions that need to be answered by these Blockchain development training institutes.

But before that, first, let us understand the role and responsibility of a Blockchain Developer which will help us trace the steps back to figure out the best blockchain development course in India.

What is the role and responsibility of a Blockchain developer?

According to the report by linked in, A Blockchain Developer has to develop and optimise blockchain protocols and design the architecture of blockchain systems. They are needed to help build products and services associated with technology, like contracts and apps.

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What do you need to know to land the Blockchain developer job?

India ranks 6th in the world when it comes to blockchain patents, according to HardFork. The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) and Avasant Blockchain report 2019 have found apart from the fact India’s public sector is the largest consumer of Blockchain technology, enterprises in banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) and Healthcare are also gearing up.

Top Industries where the Hiring is on?
Information Technology and Services, Computer Software, Internet, financial services, Hospital &Healthcare.

Skills you need to become a Blockchain Developer?

Hyper-ledger, Solidity, Node.js, Smart Contracts and other emerging protocols of blockchain.

Where the jobs are?

Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad.

Which Blockchain Development courses in India qualify as trustworthy to help you land this role?

A checklist for choosing the best blockchain development training course;

  • Is the institute blockchain industry’s educational arm?
  • Will the instructors or faculty be academic professors or actual blockchain experts with industry-based expertise?
  • Will I get to learn all the blockchain protocols? Or Will it be segmented, Should I research the many protocols?
  • What kind of certificate will I receive?
  • Will that help in landing a blockchain-based job?
  • Will I get the right exposure?
  • Will the blockchain development course provide real-time live projects for hands-on experience?
  • Will there be out-of-class exposure that would help me with networking?

The only blockchain development course in India that checks the whole list is EMURGO Academy India’s WorkPro program.

WorkPro is a weekend only comprehensive Blockchain development course. It is the only full-stack Blockchain certification program that includes all emerging protocols inclusive of their own protocol – Cardano.

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Check out the link for all relevant info and batch details.