Documents required for applying for the Indian visa

India is the land of diversities as a person can find out different people with different languages with different cultures and religions. So it is an attractive place for the outsiders. In the past few years, the growth of industry and technology is upgrading at a faster pace. This has also now become a greater attraction for investors from outside India. So the people from outside apply for indian visa. There are many formalities of documentation that are required to be fulfilled while they apply for a visa.

Some of the important documents that are to be attached with the visa form are listed below:

  • Passport: one of the important things without which international traveling is not important. The person is required to submit the photocopy of passport information and signature page. The passport should have a validity of at least 6 months beyond the stay of the person in India. And there should be the availability of at least 2 pages in the passport for Indian stamps.
  • Photographs: 2 recent passport size photos in color are required. The photos should either have a plain or white background. In the photograph, the person should not be wearing glasses.
  • Additional particulars forms: this form is to fill to have additional information about the person who is applying for the Indian visa. This form may include details like name of the applicant, passport number, questions regarding nationality and in the end the declaration and signatures.
  • Certificate of incorporation: this document is required to be submitted if the person from the outside country is hired by any Indian company. This certificate is an invitation by the company and is to be submitted in the same form as it comes.
  • Letter of invitation: this letter is from the company on its letterhead. This letter must be signed by an authorized person like HR or executive. This letter must contain information regarding the relationship between the applicant and his visit to the country. The information in the letter should exactly correspond to the information in other supporting documents. Any problem with information can lead to rejection in the visa. The above and this document is required only if the person is coming here for a job purpose.
  • Proof of state residency: a clear photocopy of a driving license or ant id that is issued by state should be attached with the visa form. The address on the id proof should match the address of the visa application form.
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So all these things are to be kept in mind while applying for a visa in India. The visa can be applied both online and offline. But the online application is more convenient for the people. The e tourist visa india cost varies with the time duration for which the applicant wants to stay here. If all the documents attached to it are right, then the visa will be issued to the applicant without any hindrance. Even the government has lowered the prices of visa application to attract more people to visit India and see its beauty and diversified culture and even for business purposes as well.