Does high cholesterol in men cause erectile dysfunction?

Without any doubt, the answer has to be a big yes. Erectile dysfunction in males is the direct cause of the reduction or hindrance in blood flow in the sexual organ. And the formation of plaque due to high cholesterol is a major cause of erection dysfunction in males in mid-years.

High cholesterol is a lifestyle disease that not only affects the function of heart but also leads to erectile dysfunction. The blockage of the blood vessels leading to stoppage of blood flow towards the sexual organ is the first sign of impending cholesterol-related issues in the body. It is right that medicines like Viagra 150 mg will give an instant penile erection, the best way is to deal with the cholesterol issue for permanent erection treatment.

Impact of high cholesterol on the erection issue

Cholesterol blocks the blood vessels of the heart. It stops the full of the blood throughout the body. It is one of the major causes of heart failure. The waxy substance sticks to the walls of the blood vessels. It slowly stops the normal flow of blood in the body. It is believed that the erection problem in males is the first sign of the formation of plaque in the body.

The blood vessels in the penis area are smaller than the rest of the body. Any less than normal flow of blood is noticed in the penis first than in rest of the body. The drugs like Cenforce 200mg push the blood flow in the sexual organ to make an erection possible. But you should never take erectile dysfunction issue causally, as it might lead to serious heart problems later.

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How cholesterol creates erectile dysfunction in males

Erectile dysfunction is the loss of erection during sexual intercourse or difficulty in getting an erection. The males suffering from erectile dysfunction also find it difficult to sustain the erection after getting an erection. It sexual life of the male with erectile dysfunction suffers. Erectile dysfunction can happen due to several other medical and psychological issues. But the cholesterol issue is also a major issue behind the erectile problem in younger and mid-aged males. It is lifestyle issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy dietary habits.

The severity of the erectile dysfunction in males is directly linked to the formation of the cholesterol in blood vessels. The bad cholesterol makes it difficult to release certain chemicals in the body which gives erection problems. A man with high bad cholesterol cannot produce enough nitrate oxide, a gas, which dilates the blood vessels to increase blood flow towards the sexual organ. So, without any doubt, the formation of cholesterol is behind erectile dysfunction in males.

Never let cholesterol issue linger for long

Erection dysfunction is the first sign of the cholesterol problem in you. The medicines like Levitra 40mg, a powerful drug, will overcome any hindrance in the flow of blood to give you a penile erection. But you should never neglect the cholesterol issue. Any erection problem should take you to the doctor at once. If you are not showing any apparent medical problem, you must get the medical check-up to pinpoint the exact reason for the erection issue. Any neglect will surely lead to a cardiovascular issue. To the treatments of the cholesterol, whatever medical experts suggest, will cure not only the main issue but improve sexual health as well.

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Lifestyle intervention reverse cholesterol and sexual health

Check your diet and lifestyle to reverse the formation of cholesterol. Take medical help, but a healthy diet and cutting smoking are major reversal steps. Understand the exact reason behind the formation of cholesterol. Is it a sedentary lifestyle or unhealthy diet? Tackle the issue without any neglect to improve your quality of life and sexual health. There is no harm in taking Sildenafil 200 mg with the medicines which the doctor would suggest for cholesterol issue. But never mix them or take them simultaneously. Always keep a gap between two medication regimens. Any ED medicine can strongly react the medicines for the cholesterol.

Consult the doctor whenever you take medicines like 60 mg Cialis for penile erection during the cholesterol treatment. It is possible that your erection dysfunction will improve with improvement in cholesterol treatment. In a healthy male, with no other medical issue, the improvement in the blood flow leads to improvement in sexual health.