Don’t Plan Your New Wedding if Your Divorce Is In a Risky Proposition

Divorce is one of the toughest yet crucial steps of your life and you cannot do it without planning. And why not after its a life-changing decision you are starting for your individual life all over again. But things become quite awkward when you are stepping out from and the planning starts for the. 

Planning for a new wedding is natural but doing it while having divorce can create extra problems other than your divorce.If you are considering for divorce you need to know importance of hiring a divorce attorneys in Stuart

New problems can be created by you

  • Well, having a wedding is not a small task and requires lots of effort, time, a proper plan, and things to do such as venue, guest list, menu,  gifts, gatherings, functions, rituals, and whatnot. And of course, all these can get you busy and grab the focus and attention from your divorce case.
  • As you know the divorce case is based on proofs, statements, and evidence and you cannot afford to get yourself into trouble by making your no-fault divorce suddenly a divorce with proof of adultery, well that’s trouble you might not want to create for your self. And this isn’t it, you can get yourself into the position where you ended paying your spouse a larger share and if children are involved that can definitely affect the custody and visitation totally depending on the situation.

That’s not enough, these were the problems you could create for yourself while planning a new wedding if your divorce is in a risky proposition but you cannot for the role of your spouse who is still, connected as divorce is not yet.

  • Marrying your love interest before the ground is clear can get you in trouble from your ex-spouse end as well. After all, you are clarifying all the doubts of you having an extramarital affair and making it a reason for you to break your marriage. And if your spouse is not yet ready to move and seeing your marriage can make her feel that you have ruined all to get married to another person.
  • To make it tougher your spouse could make the things delay just to see you unhappy for the fact that you changed the whole life of his /her. And observing all the negativity around you could make your would-be spouse angry and anxious. Well, that’s definitely not a sign of a happy and delightful marriage.
  • Moreover, he/she can use it as a weapon in order to negotiate the alimony. As they may get to know you have much money to take your next marriage forward. This can definitely change your happy moments into life lessons.
  • Not only that if kids are involved the situation becomes more worse as you cannot explain to them the situation and for them both the parents deserve to get the same. You are willing to include your kids into your wedding situation can turn out to be different as the other parent is not hoping to go for the same.
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Well, running through the tough time you may seek the help of family law attorneys Stuart to help you out to make the decision and guide to about the whole ongoing thing how to take it forward. You are willing to start your new life leaving behind the past, but a single step can get you in trouble, so choose it wisely as you cannot afford to go through the same dilemma due to your silliest mistakes. I wish you all the luck that prevails.


At Law Office of Denise Miller, our Family Law Lawyer in Stuart insists on the specific interests of each of our clients while presenting a family law situation. The choices taken in our law offices will impact the rest of your life, so it’s vital to our family law firm that we find the best result possible for your common types of family law case requirements.