Dozen of Things to Do in Orlando for LOW COST!

Have you ever visited such world popular attractions as Disney World and Universal Studio in Orlando? Oh, of course, Florida is rich in cakes and ale. But what if you don’t have much money to spend for local attractions or just spent a lot last night and having a big hole in your budget now? Everything is possible but you should find many more places to visit for free. You know, Orlando is not only theme parks and prestigious restaurants. There are many free attractions around! But you can start saving some money from the car rental. You can use mobile app to find the cheapest car rentals in Orlando, Florida under 25. Buying special packages for young drivers you can avoid fees. Having a car you can reach any activity or interesting place for low cost. So, where to go first?



1. Try Universal’s Citywalk entertainment

Everyone knows that tickets for theme parks are usually not cheap. The price depends on how long you plan to stay, the age, and the park hopper option included. But you can visit Universal’s walk complex instead. Please, splurge on parking only! What kind of entertainment is it? Citywalk includes shopping, visiting restaurants, nightclubs, free concerts, and street shows.

2. Watch street concerts along Disney’s Walk

Still looking for low coast amusements in Orlando? Any plans for this evening? Just have a long nigh walk along the Disney’s Boardwalk. The promenade is about quarter mile along the Atlantic coast. Notice all those street bands with their bright night shows, visit restaurants, and enjoy free street attraction.


3. Go to Disney Springs Complex

This is a new complex at Disney Resort. Also, this is your chance to get low-cost attractions and spend your day with pleasure. What does this complex include? It is a long walk along the fashion boutiques, atmospheric eateries, street attractions. Of course, most of street attractions are free! If you want more joy, try Lego Center. Here, you can build any figure you want for no money.

4. Cruise by American cars

The car cruise takes you through the legendary Route 192 to the Old Town Park. This is a place where you can see many old houses, buildings from the past times of Orlando. What is more, the cruise is taken by classic American cars. It must be interesting for all car lovers. Tired of cars? Go to shop, eat dinner, and have fun with your family or friends in such a beautiful place.

5. Go to enjoy Eola Lake

If you don’t know about the lake, you can miss this beautiful free view. The area about 43 acres consists of impressive views. It is situated in the downtown Orlando. You can buy food in the nearest supermarket and have a picnic around the lake. Go to feed ducks, swans and enjoy the outdoor games and performances.

6. Investigate hiking routes

Go to Mead Botanical Garden! This hiking area is situated not far from the city business district. You can visit a lake area, butterflies and citrus garden. Picnics are very popular here. Also, there are many hiking trails around the garden. Of course, the entrance is free.

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7. Enjoy mermaid performance

Mermaid show is available at Springs State Park. Check if it is the only place in the state or whole America where you can meet real mermaids. Of course, the show is not free. The minimal price for tickets is about $13 for adults. But if you suddenly have changed your mind, you can watch underwater show or just ride a boat right here.

8. Go to Kelly Park

This is one more place around Orlando where you can admire the views of nature, clear water. Also, there are hiking trails and many playgrounds for kids. You can spend the whole day in the park, have picnic, play with kids, and enjoy the moment spend together.

9. Go to Ocala National Forest

As a rule, visiting parks is usually free in every country. Orlando has many parks to offer and many interesting park activities for no money. Ocala National Forest is a really unique place. This is a huge forest with pine trees, natural lake and a river. There are many hiking routes through the park. Never miss running past a sinkhole, naturally created in the 19th century.

10. Go biking through the mountains

If you love active leisure, you should go and try yourself in biking through the mountains. So-called Snowhill Trail is waiting for all adventure lovers in the Big Econ State Forest. You can meet many mountain bikers here.

If you have some money, you can go shopping. This is one more popular attraction in Orlando. Florida Mall welcomes you with its 250 big stores. There is also a kids’ play area. It doesn’t matter that you are going to buy a hat only. You can spend your time investigating shops and fitting clothes.

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