Dubai City Sightseeing Tips For First Visit

Dubai City Sightseeing:

There are undoubtfully some amazing sights to witness when travelling to Dubai. There are so many great features to visit and view it can be difficult to know what to see first and how to go about finding them. With this in mind, we are going to share some tips which should help you to get the best out of your break in Dubai.

Firstly Exploring Malls in Dubai:

A good way to approach seeing as many sights as possible for the best value you can find is to purchase a Dubai City Tour Package. Now the best thing to do is to research online what each package consists of, for example, which sights the tour will take you through, and have a look at the cost. If you choose the right package you can get a great deal. The advantage of these tours is that as you have a guide taking you around you do not have the hassle of trying to find the place and wasting valuable holiday time! And these packages allow you to visit many different features, such as the Dubai Museum, the Jumeirah Mosque and the Dubai Mall.

Furthermore, to add to the convenience, most tours will pick you up from your hotel when the touring begins and drop you back once it reaches its conclusion. Overall, a Dubai City Tour is an excellent way to see Dubai City Sightseeing.

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Exploring Boat Trips in Dubai:

Have you heard about the Yellow Boat Dubai trips? Well, to view the breathtaking sights of Dubai you do not necessarily have to be on the roads. No, you can view from the sea! This is the UAE’s number one rated boat tour company and they have a great reputation for their service. Whilst you are on one of the company’s boats not only will you be taken through gorgeous lengths of beaches; you’ll have a wonderful view of Dubai’s architecture. Places the tour will take you through include Atlantis and the Burj Al Arab for amazing tourist attractions in UAE.

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A superb option if you fancy a sea trip. What’s more, quite often the company will have special offers so that you can make some savings on a package. And the packages on offer have different sights to view, different boat speeds, and different amount of overall sights visited so you can look for a deal that best suits your preferred method of touring. Furthermore, they take place at different times of the day, too.

Exploring Global Village

Back on the roads and it is fair to say you can get a great view of the sights with a bus tour. These can take you around the city, and one of the famous tours to do this is could the ‘Hop-on hop-off’ bus tour. With this method of touring, you can see different sights depending on what route you select, and each package will have a different number of stops. For example, if you selected the Orange Route you would be taken from Dubai Mall to Miracle Garden and Global Village and there will only be a few stops (six).

However, if you were to select the Blue Route you would begin at Dubai Mall and visit such amazing sights that include the Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah, the Dubai Canal, Burj Al Arab and the Sheikh Zayed Road and you would be travelling through 10 stops. It is worth noting though, you can begin your tour from any of the stops covered on the route, a list of which you can find on the official Hop-on Hop-off website. Furthermore, as well as being able to book tickets from the website, you can also purchase tickets at any kiosks around Dubai.

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