Duracable Has High-Quality Drain Cleaners for Sale

The foundation of any drain cleaning business is the drain cleaning machine. These machines can turn the process of unclogging a pipe from a rigorous ordeal that would take days to a simple process that can be completed in minutes. If your business is looking at new Drain Cleaners For Sale, at Duracable we have a variety of amazing cable machine options to fit any business.

The secret to finding the perfect drain machine is to know the kind of jobs your business will take and to assess whether you need a machine that can help you scale up to larger jobs. At Duracable we offer nine machine models that we have fit neatly into three categories. This helps our customers choose the machine they need without overspending or being left without the clog-busting power they need.

Our first group is our sink machines. Don’t let the small size of these machines fool you, they are incredibly powerful despite their small size. These machines are perfect for clearing residential drains including sinks, showers, and washers. They are small and light enough to be placed on a countertop and they can run vertically or horizontally. The small size of these machines also makes them ideal for jobs where your space is cramped or the drain position is awkward.

Next up we have our sled machines. These frames and their wheeled frames fit into the mental picture most of us have when we think of a drain snake machine. We have designed our sled machines to be powerful, but still easy to move around a job site. Some of our sled models, like the DM55, even have built-in stair climbers to make moving up and down floors quick and easy. Our sled machines are a great option for businesses that work on drains for both businesses and residences.

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Our final group of drain cleaners for sale are our upright machines. If you are looking for drain cleaners for sale to work on large drains and mains, these machines are a perfect choice. The direct drive system creates unrivaled torque without the need for a belt. Despite their powerful design, both of our upright models can fit easily through a standard 30” doorway. They also feature a built-in toolbox so you can keep all the tools and accessories you need right in your machine.

All of our machines are designed to use our interchangeable cable drum system. These self-contained polypropylene drums help keep spinning cables from splattering your work area while also making cable storage and changes to a different cable size easy. You can also remove the drum to make our heavier models easier to move.

If you need new cables for your new drain machine, we can help you there as well. We manufacture our own cables right here in the US using the finest high tensile hard drawn wire. Every batch of wire is tested before being spun into our quality cables. We are so confident in our cables, we even offer a 30-day warranty against defective cables.

So if you business is looking for drain machines for sale, look no further. At Duracable we have been manufacturing products for drain cleaning and plumbing professionals for over 35 years. We stand by our products and know that once you try them, we will be your new one-stop-shop for all your drain cleaning supplies. If you have any questions about our inventory, feel free to reach out to our team at 800-247-4081 or

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