Ecwid VS WooCommerce: Short Guide to End your Confusion

Online purchases have extended to a limit, where a study revealed that 95% of purchases will be done online by 2040. In recent years, the ecommerce industry has witnessed a significant shift in customer dynamics, paving the way for new businesses to step forth in this industry. Although the competition is pretty high, the opportunities are lucrative, and any new business can earn lucrative profits, provided they have everything right. 

Out of many things a new business needs, the online ecommerce store matters the most. If the store is not up to date or doesn’t have the latest features, the businesses can’t make profits and gain enough market exposure. To ensure their online store functions as you have predicted, you need online CMS and web builder platforms like WooCommerce and Ecwid. While they have become quite popular in recent years, choosing the best one is impossible.

In this blog we have compared WooCommerce and Ecwid. The information will help you take informed decision on whether to go for Ecwid or WooCommerce development services.

Ecwid VS WooCommerce: A comparative study

Ecwid is an online site builder allowing you to sell your products across a wide range of e-commerce platforms, from Amazon POS to Facebook, WordPress, etc. It offers maximum flexibility since you can manage different channels from the same platform without messing up the operations. On the other hand, WooCommerce is a site builder that can convert any WordPress website into an online ecommerce store. 

Many confuse these two platforms and choose the wrong one that fails to meet their ends. Owing to this, we have compared Ecwid VS WooCommerce, in brief, to ensure you can make the right decision without compromising anything else.

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Ecwid offers a free plan where users can access basic features like gift card templates, social media ad channels, and the online site builder. In addition, you can upload 10 products to your online store using the free plan. For more flexibility and bandwidth, you need to go for paid plans according to your requirements. 

Below are the pricing plans of Ecwid that you can opt for:

  1. Venture: You can integrate your ecommerce store with Instagram and Facebook through this pack at a rate of $ 15 per month. In addition, you will also get access to features like discount coupons, mobile POS, and stock and inventory tracking. 
  2. Business: Coming at a price of $35 per month, this plan supports about 2500 products you can easily upload on eBay and Amazon. The built-in features are amazing, from automated email marketing to advanced product filters.
  3. Unlimited: Worth $99 per month, this plan allows you to upload an unlimited number of products to the online store. In addition, you will get access to all the built-in features, from priority support to brand reputation management. 

WooCommerce does not come with any pricing plan for setting up an online store. Instead, you can use the app features without paying any money. However, for extensions and some additional features, in-app purchases will be allowed, ranging between $50 and $200. Apart from this, you need to pay separately for the theme template you have chosen for your store and the hosting plans. Therefore, if we consider the overall scenario, WooCommerce is cheaper than Ecwid. Usability and UI

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Usability and UI

Regarding the user interface, Ecwid is a challenging platform because it comes with two different dashboards. Besides, it combines all the sales channels. It shows them in one window, making it difficult to keep track of all activities like product modification, transactions, sales, revenues, etc. 

Although WooCommerce comes with only one dashboard based on WordPress, most WooCommerce development services use multiple extensions to take the online store to the next level. Managing all these extensions is not a joke; users often end up being confused. That’s why people need to hire a web developer to develop the best online store for their ecommerce business. 


Ecwid comes with a wide range of support elements and dedicated customer service. For instance, it incorporates a help center, online guides, API documentation, an auto chatbot, etc. In addition, it also supports a 24/7 customer channel to ensure no user has to wait for the next day to get a resolution.

WooCommerce, on the other hand, comes with several more guides, including a well-documented resource from which users can know about the features and their functions in detail. However, it lacks clarity in the context of dedicated customer support for the users. 


Although the ecommerce market is multiplying, only 2.86% of website visits are converted to purchases. So, you need to invest in the right platform before choosing WooCommerce development services. This comparative guide will help you understand whether Ecwid is suitable for fulfilling your requirements or WooCommerce.

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