Embrace Your Smile with Dentures

Teeth are considered as one of the most essential parts of our body. They help us while eating, talking and more importantly, they enhance our looks. It is safe to say that, imagining a single day without using our teeth is next to impossible for us.

Having said that, there are also a bunch of people in the world who are deprived of their teeth. The reason for tooth loss could be many like cavities, chewing tobacco, improper brushing, gum diseases, old age or even some form of accident. Out of all these, cavities are the most common dental problem. Many studies have shown that 90% of the children and almost 100% of the adults suffer from cavities.

The main reason for this cavity is our bad oral health. In the race of achieving success, we tend to miss the health of our teeth.

Though we all know that keeping the health our teeth are really important, but what about those people who have lost teeth and can’t do without them.

For patients who have experienced tooth loss, dentures come as the simplest solution.

What are dentures?

Also known as a false tooth, Dentures in Porthmadog are basically a replacement for your missing teeth. Many people also relate dentures with a dental implant, though they both look and function in a similar way they are not the same. A dental implant is a man-made titanium screw that is fit on the original root of your tooth. They are permanent in nature, whereas Dentures are used as a replacement of your missing teeth that can be taken off and put it back whenever you want.

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Dentures are of two types:

a)  Complete dentures: These dentures are used by those who need to replace all of their teeth (the upper jaw or lower jaw). These dentures come in the full set.

b)  Partial dentures: These dentures replace one or two missing tooth

Now let’s go through some of the many advantages of wearing dentures:

1)  No change in physical appearance:  There’s a misconception that after wearing dentures your facial appearance might be changed which is far away from the fact. Nowadays, the dentures are made and fit in a way that they look and feel exactly like your natural teeth. Though you may have to make adjustments for a few days, once they get firm, you won’t feel anything unusual.

2)  Can be removed as per convenience: The biggest advantage of dentures is that they are really adjustable. Elderly people face problem while brushing, after wearing dentures, they can easily remove them for cleaning and brushing or even before sleeping.

3)  Durable: Dentures are generally long-lasting if treated well; they can last up to many years.

4)  Affordable: Dentures are usually affordable in comparison to other dental replacements like implants or white fillings. A middle-class man can easily afford this.

5)  Recommended by dentists: Most of the dentists recommend dentures for the tooth loss. You just have to visit them in regular intervals (generally once in every 6 months) and get your dentures checked.

The above-mentioned advantages clearly suggest that dentures are the best option for your tooth loss. Those who live in Dentures in Porthmadog and want an Emergency Dentist in Porthmadog service can visit Porthmadog Dental Centre. We have a team of professional dentists who sit down with the patient and understand their problem and then provide the best possible treatment.

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The service that we offer include Dentures, Root canal therapy, children dentistry, white fillings, teeth whitening and many more. Also, during this COVID time, we are following the government guidelines on dental service with all the precautions.

So have them today and make the people embrace your smile.

At Porthmadog Dental Centre we aim to make the dental journey as pleasant and relaxing as possible for our patients. From the first contact to the final treatment result we aim to care for our patients in a gentle and considerate manner