best desert safari Abu Dhabi

Enjoy exclusive desert safari adventure in Abu Dhabi

Enjoy exclusive desert safari adventure in Abu Dhabi

People always try to find a spot that is not only affordable but also provides them with best experiences during their visit. No doubt, an Abu Dhabi tour easily fulfills all these requirements. The desert safari adventure is one of the most popular things tourist do during their visit to Abu Dhabi. The jeep drive on the mountains of sand is called dune bashing. Never forget to fasten your seat belt because those jumps over peaks will raise your adrenaline level high. The board sport “Sand boarding” is very much popular among teenagers. You can enjoy sand boarding across the desert while standing, sitting or lying on your belly. Flying falcons intensely tempts tourist. The art of lure swinging will leave you spell bound. The best desert safari Abu Dhabi bestows tourists with appetizing Arabian dishes that will watered your mouth. The sweet smell of dates seems tempting. The delicious barbeque dinner is another source to satiate your hunger. There are also special food items for vegetarian individuals. You will also get a chance to taste the traditional Arabian ghawa and coffee. The complementary soft drinks add the appetizing sense to your meal. A trained belly dancer also entertains you with dance during dinner. The camel is called the ship of desert. You will enjoy the camel ride on your way to campsite. There are many majestic camels belonging to different races and colors. You will henna tattoo that mesmerizes tourists a lot. Tanura dance reflects a true Sufi spirit. Actually it is a kind of folkloric dance that attracts vacationers a lot. The beautiful Arabic dresses reflect a glimpse of old Arabian tradition during your Abu Dhabi tour. The photographs become a part of your memories.

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The best desert safari Abu Dhabi tour includes following fun activities under highly economical prices:

  • 15 minutes short camel rides
  • Bonfire
  • Cultural belly dance show
  • Tanura dance
  • Exciting dune bashing for 20-30 minutes
  • For sand dunes sessions cars like Land Cruiser, Hummer and Nissan Patrol are offered
  • Arabian costume for photographic session
  • Henna tattoos/ painting
  • Attractive Photography session during sun set and camel ride
  • 45 minutes session of electrifying dunes bashing
  • Sand boarding
  • Pick up around 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm from your location and drop off on at 9:00 pm to 9:30 pm on the desired location of tourists’
  • Total duration desert safari is approximately 5 hrs


The desert safari adventure provides following facilities to tourists during their tour to Abu Dhabi:

  • Sheesha pipe or Arabic water pipe
  • Appetizing Arabic cuisine and dates
  • Arabian tea
  • Mineral water, tea, fresh juices or soft drinks
  • A special cuisine is also available both vegetarian and non vegetarians according to their taste
  • Snacks
  • Arabic coffee or gahwa
  • Waiter service and VIP service from staff
  • Separate bathroom facility for both men and women
  • A separated playing area for your children
  • Pets are allowed
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