Essentials of Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes for Travel Makeup Kits

Makeup travel kits come in handy for applying face powder, eye shadow, blusher and lipstick on the go. You don’t have to carry a bunch of makeup products for a work or leisure trip if you have this kit. Many brands have introduced their signature makeup travel kits with basic and additional items to make the travel trips more fun and glamorous for makeup junkies.

For cosmetic retailers, it is essential to pitch and promote makeup kits through dazzling product packaging. A shopper looking for a trendy makeup kit would be intrigued to check out a product if it is displayed in entrancing custom cosmetic packaging. You can create hype for your newly launched travel kits by showcasing them in beguiling boxes. Having lively packaging for these makeup kits is likely to pique the interest of potential shoppers in the products and they will like to check out the number of cosmetic items inside.

You can name the makeup kits distinctively and promote it through packaging for creating unique inkling for cosmetics.

Here is your checklist for designing and printing packaging for travel makeup kits!

An Inspiring and Interesting Packaging Design          

Just like a book is judged by its cover, your product is likely to get judged by the packaging. So the artwork of your makeup travel kit is of the essence in building or breaking a positive perception about your brand and cosmetics. Make sure that the color scheme, images, font style and all the other details that you choose for cosmetic packaging box design complement your product. If the kits have variations of products and pallets, you can have different packaging layouts for each of them. Use lively color scheme and high-resolution images of the makeup kits on packaging to give customers a better insight.

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Packaging with Brief and Useful Product details         

The packaging boxes for your makeup travel kits need to have brief but useful information about the cosmetics. How many makeup items are there in the kit? Mention the names of the cosmetic products, along with weight and quantity. If your travel kit is a super saver, highlight it on cosmetic box packaging(, many shoppers would like to save up by buying kits and sets rather than individual makeup products that cost more. Mention the formulation and best before date clearly on the packaging. If you have added complimentary brushes, have it printed on the boxes to make shoppers like your brand and cosmetics more.

Cosmetic Boxes that are Easy to keep in Hand Carry Bags        

For makeup travel kits you need to provide packaging boxes that are hassle-free to handle and keep. When selecting printing material, finishing options and packaging style for these kits, you should share your requirements with the printer. It is always better to check out sample items before making a preference for customizations and box style. The packaging boxes for travel makeup kits should be lightweight, user-friendly and convenient to adjust in hand-carry bags.

You can have a protective pouch or inserts packaged inside the boxes for additional support. Mention your customer care details on the packaging to get suggestions and ideas on improving the travel kits according to consumer liking. This will not only improve your product quality but is likely to earn your cosmetic brand commendation.

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