N95 respirator

Everything you need to know about N95 respirators


Some people think that wearing respiratory protection is an unnecessary inconvenience, but these are the same people who expose themselves to airborne particles and contaminants which can cause both short-term and long-term health problems. That’s why it is strongly advised that every person should use respiratory protection, whenever it becomes necessary to do so.

What’s the importance of respiratory protection?

Respiratory protection can be used by anyone who is looking to protect themselves from being exposed to the contaminated air. In today’s day and age, the air in many parts of the world has been contaminated severely, which increases the risks of short-term and long-term diseases. Since these problems aren’t prevalent on the surface as opposed to a pandemic, some people just don’t see the importance of wearing respiratory protection. However, it is strongly advised to not disregard respiratory protection as they can save people from cancer, lung impairment, and respiratory infections.

3 key benefits of the N95 Respirator

If you are in the market looking for disposable respiratory protection, then look no further than the N95 Respirator. It has a lot of benefits and read on further to know more about them!

  • Provides great protection: – The N95 Respirator is considered to be very effective in providing sufficient protection against many substances and airborne hazards that can cause diseases like cancer, lung impairment, and even death. It has also been found effective in providing adequate protection against many diseases such as H1N1, SARS, and most recently, the COVID-19. It also meets the benchmarks that have been set by the CDC for tuberculosis exposure control.
  • They are packaged for convenience and hygiene: – The N95 respirator is available in flat-fold and molded options and they are both very lightweight. They are both packaged into boxes that have 20 units each. A lot of focus is placed on the hygiene of the masks and both the variants are sized to easily fit into a pocket, which makes them suitable for disposable use. To prevent exposure and contamination when the box is opened, the masks are packaged into a plastic sleeve.
  • They are allergy-free: – Since the N95 respirator is latex and silicone-free, it is a very good option for people who are allergic and sensitive to such materials. That’s not all, it is also PVC free! Because the N95 respirator has been designed for disposable use, it is very easy to disinfect the N95 respirator before use.
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What kind of N95 respirator should you get

You should only use the N95 respirator which has been certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). You need to look for the logo and the certification number on the N95 respirator because it isn’t certified by NIOSH then it may not be able to provide sufficient protection to you. If you are planning to get the N95 respirator, you will easily be able to find it on many online stores and also in physical real-life stores like your local hardware stores and home improvement stores and centers.

When to discard the N95 respirator

If you find that your N95 respirator has become too clogged, then it is time to discard it and begin using a new one. You need to do so because when the N95 respirator becomes too clogged, it gets very difficult to breathe using it. You also need to discard it if you find the N95 respirator has gotten wet or dirty on the inside. Likewise, if you want the respirator has become deformed or the filter is torn then you need to discard it, as a deformed mask may not fit properly.