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Landing in the concrete jungle of Ulaanbaatar, you might wonder where western Mongolia tours keep its famous wide-open spaces. But just wait until you catch your first glimpse of sunrise over the famous Mongolian steppe. There’s no other view on Earth quite like it: mile after mile of rolling grassy plains, dotted with the white domes of gers and broken up with golden dunes or the craggy peaks of Tavan Bogd and the Altai mountains. It’s probably no surprise that our Mongolia tours are mostly about getting out into the wild – soaking in the hot springs of Tsenkher or hiking through the Khogno Khan – but you’ll find there’s more to this country than just good views. With its epic history, brief communist past and a (proudly) democratic future, Mongolia is ready to greet the 21st century with plenty to offer the traveler.

If you are tired of standard tourism and seek an adventure somewhere in the wild nature then you need to visit western Mongolia travel, to be more exact, the Altai Mountains – located in the West of Mongolia. Be sure that here you will get everything that you need for a great adventure: Eagle festival, trekking, outdoor adventures, hiking, fishing, horseback riding tours, and other recreation tours.

Bayan-Olgii, located in Western Mongolia, is a unique city where mostly the Kazakh ethnic group lives. The Kazakhs of Western Mongolia have a rich culture and many traditions that are still practiced today that are centuries old. When the Soviet Union and China established borders, Kazakhs in Mongolia were isolated until the 1990s. During this time, nomadic herding and the traditional way of life was suppressed by the Soviet Union. The traditional nomadic lifestyle was preserved in the undeveloped and isolated steppes and mountain ranges of Mongolia.

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The Altai Mountain range is Mongolia’s largest and highest mountain range and is the perfect place to take trekking and mountaineering trips. You will see snowcapped stunning high mountain landscapes, feel the untouched wilderness and breathe fresh air in the eternal blue sky. You can hike to a glacier, explore ancient petroglyphs and watch various wild animals including a real ibex. This can be the perfect experience for adventurous trekkers.

Hunting with eagles in Golden eagle festival Mongolia is a traditional form of falconry found throughout the Eurasian steppe, practiced by Kazakhs. These Turkic people are famous for hunting with golden eagles. Kazakhs living in Bayan-Olgii Province of Mongolia who still keep their unique nomadic lifestyle continue to hunt with specially trained eagles today. There are about 250 eagle hunters in Western Mongolia. Their falconry custom is unique and practiced only with a trained Golden Eagle on horseback. Their hunting targets are wolves, red foxes, and rabbits.

Every year in the first week of October, about 70 eagle hunters gather for the annual Golden Eagle Festival. They hunt only during the cold winter months when it is easier to see those wild animals in the white snow and also it’s easier to follow their spoor. I suggest you see this fascinating Golden eagle festival Mongolia once in your lifetime. Enjoy the beauty of the Altai Mountains and experience the nomadic way of life with us.

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