Facilities You Need in a Shared Student Accommodation

Finding the right shared student accommodation for all your facilities can be a headache. Finding everything you need, being in an area close to public transport, next to shops and cafes, and having the proper accommodation facilities can be the difference between a good living experience and a bad one that may put you off studying altogether.

Housing can be expensive – the University of Melbourne estimates AU$12,100 per year for a single room. That’s why 84% of Aussie university students share a house, flat, or unit with other students.

But, before you move on to book your shared accommodation from a trusted source like, you first need to find out the facilities you need to consider.

What’s A Shared Accommodation?

When you occupy separate areas of a house, it is called shared accommodation. Each renter usually has accommodation and shares common areas such as dining, kitchen, and bathroom. In simple words, shared housing refers to renting a house with other individuals. Believe it or not, this type of accommodation is now more liked by students than university housing facilities, which is on a sharp decline.

Things to Consider Before Moving Into a Shared Accommodation

When moving into shared accommodation, the facilities you need to consider will depend upon several factors, including your budget and preferences. However, here are some of them that you must not ignore.

Washroom Sharing

Since you might have chosen a shared accommodation with twin beds, the washrooms may be used by anyone in the house. Can that make you feel uneasy? Before you pay the landlord and plan to move in, double-check the arrangement.

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Food Availability

Many students who move into a shared space may choose to eat the food provided at the place. You may want to go over the menu ahead of time. You could also choose a room that only serves vegetarian food. Before you settle down, find out what time breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served, as well as if they provide the option of having breakfast/lunch delivered to your college if you so like. You can also discuss if any of the meals may be skipped in return for a small concession.


If your rent does not include broadband, you would be liable for having it set up. It will be something you’ll want to take care of as quickly as possible since the internet and network line implementations will also take several days.


When you move in, the house should be spotless. Make a mention about it to your property owner if it isn’t up to par (or suits what your landlord expects of you as you move in, as per your contract). Even if it’s spotless, it’ll inevitably get a bit dirty once everyone has unpacked their things. It’s much better to stay on top of hygiene than to let it worsen, so check it before you opt-in for the same.

Other House Rules

Know the house rules when you step in. There are no visitors, no non-vegetarian meals, no smoking or drinking, restrictions in the breakout space, and more. If this bothers you, you should possibly search for another accommodation.

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Summing Up

To ensure sanitation and cleanliness, you can also make a list of what you’ll need. It is recommended, particularly in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, that you do have your assortment of supplies and do not share them with anyone unless necessary.

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