Faculties in Cavendish university

Faculties in Cavendish university Aim at honing skills for students for their career

Faculties in Cavendish university

Different Department faculties in Cavendish University Uganda

  1. Faculty of Business and Management

This is one of the Faculties at Cavendish University. As a business faculty, each educator in this department is focused on imparting business principles and thought patterns that are practical, measurable and impact positively on students’ ability to succeed as entrepreneurs, executives or employees. They strive to bring about the deep impact of business tenets on the students. Going beyond the curriculum, Faculty of Business and Management are encouraged to delve into business concepts that not only take the African context but also a global perspective to business education. So that the students are able to see the bigger picture while still studying. The faculty here not only follow a pedagogical approach but rather provide deep insights from the experiences of their own to the students. They are driven by personal gains but also are highly invested in building a lasting reputation for the university.

2. Faculty of Science and Technology

This faculty at Cavendish University also includes the Department of Public Health Sciences, which is currently ranked amongst the best in the country. The faculty is held at such high esteem as they are able to consistently produce highly innovative public health graduates who are prepared to serve their community in the fields of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

The Faculty of Science and Technology are experts in their field and bring in a treasure trove of knowledge and hands-on experience to the students, and equip them with the necessary skills to develop large telecommunications and computer systems covering a broad range of scientific and technological applications.

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3. Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law at Cavendish University is a member of the International Association of Law Schools ( IALS), hosted by Cornell Law School, USA. IALS is an association of over 160 Law Schools from more than 55 countries, representing more than 7,500 law faculty members.

Considered amongst the top law schools in the country, the Faculty of Law boasts many law practitioners with diverse experience who elevate the learning through engagements with the students. The in-house Moot Courtroom simulates real-world courtroom and helps students to understand the scale and seriousness of a real court-room, so they can hone the right practical skills. The Faculty attracts students from multi-cultural backgrounds, giving our students an edge in the international job market.

Many clubs are hosted by the faculty to encourage networking and exposure for the students like the Human Rights Club, Law Society, Legal Aid Clinic, Rule of Law Club.