Fashion influencers to follow on Myntra studio

Myntra Studio, a customised content destination on the platform, has been launched by Myntra, giving consumers access to unique, exclusive, inspiring, amusing, and shoppable content at scale.

Myntra is able to offer high-quality, engaging, and informative content to its fashion-forward consumer base by bringing the fashion influencer community to the forefront and allowing customers to follow their favourite brands and influencers. The concept is intended to stay up with and fire up India’s vibrant and diverse fashion culture and will include fashion, beauty, and entertainment news, as well as tips, hacks, and insider secrets for looking and feeling amazing.

In this post, I’ll tell you about some fashion Influencers to follow on Myntra studio. So let’s get started.

Fashion influencers to follow on Myntra studio

Customers may use Myntra Studio to follow influencers, brands, and hashtags. On Myntra studio, here are some influencers to follow.

Pooja Sharma

You can follow Pooja Sharma on Myntra Studio. Pooja Sharma is a body transformation specialist that influence people with the latest fashion trends. You can find her on Myntra to search @pooja_flabtofab. She is an extraordinary, bold and bright personality with great willpower. To her, we owe the modernization of women’s fashion, borrowing many elements from the women’s wardrobe, the popularity of the versatile little black dress, pearls, tweed suits, little hats, jewellery and tanning.

Sangeeta Bharali

You can follow Sangeeta Bharali on Myntra Studio by searching Sangeeta Bharali is a Fashion specialist and Visual Art expert. She belongs to Shillong, Meghalaya. On Myntra Studio, she influences people to choose fashionable dresses according to her lifestyle.

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Sangeeta is undoubtedly one of the most popular fashion influencers on Myntra Studio. She shares her looks and her shopping tips to the delight. Sometimes street, sometimes relaxed, sometimes glamorous but also chic, Sangeeta dares everything and sets no limits.

Farheen Panjwani

You can Follow Farheen Panjwani on Myntra Studio by searching @farheen_panjwani. She is a fashion blogger and belongs to Mumbai, Maharashtra. She influences people by suggesting outfit clothes and the latest fashion trends. She shares her daily life and her many passions such as fashion, travel, well-being and sport.

Shaurya Sanadhya

Shaurya Sanadhya is a fashion and beauty specialist that is a fashion Influencer on Myntra Studio. You can search Shaurya Sanadhya on Myntra Studio to follow them. She shares some beauty tips and influences people to find trending fashionable items from Myntra Studio.

Beautiful and talented and friend of many famous people, Shaurya is certainly one of the most famous influencers on Myntra Studio, also appreciated for her genuineness; in fact, sometimes she posts her photos without filters without being ashamed, something much appreciated by followers.

Ishita Khanna

Ishita Khanna is available on Myntra Studio as a Fashion influencer. She has about 30k followers on Myntra Studio. She influences people with the latest fashion trends and gives some advice to choose dresses and necklaces etc. Ishita often called her fashion house crazy. The popularity of her collections was huge; everyone wanted to have these strange clothes.


Here i suggested to you some best fashion Influencers on Myntra Studio. When it comes to Indian cultural wear, there are a variety of methods to elevate your style. After following these fashion Influencers, you will get which type of dresses are trending. So don’t forget to follow them on Myntra Studio.

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