6 Best Fashion Spots in NYC for Fashion-loving Travelers to Explore!

What’s so special about the best fashion spots in NYC, you ask? Well, to experience the Avant-garde styles of this fantastic city in its truest sense, these fashion spots are invaluable. From street fashion to classy boutique, you will find all sorts of fashion genres in New York City. Exploring these exciting places is among the top things for fashion lovers to do in NYC. You will also find some of the best places to shop in NYC on a budget. If you’re a frequent traveler who’s obsessed with all things fashion, New York City is where you should be! Check out some of the best fashion spots in NYC we’ve listed below. Find the spots that call out to the fashionista in you and come to explore away!

Top Fashion Spots to Visit in NYC:

Besides food and culture, fashion is among the biggest reasons New York City is placed high on the list of the best US cities. If you’re a budget traveler looking to do some cheap shopping in New York, board a couple of last minute flights and come to NYC at once! You are sure to be spoilt for choice at this absolute paradise for shopaholics.

1. Tiffany and Co.

A visit to the iconic Tiffany and Co. is among the best things to do in NYC for fashion-conscious travelers. The timeless style of this world famous shop will leave you swooning with joy. It’s among the most unique stores in NYC in that there none still like it. Visit this spectacular place and shop for elegant jewelry, fine china, topnotch home goods, and sterling silver pieces among other things.  It’s among the best shopping areas in NYC to explore.

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2. The museum at FIT

Located on the Fashion Institute of Technology campus, this is the place to go if you wish to learn about the history of New York fashion. With more than 50,000 textiles and costumes dating all the way back to the 18th century, the museum depicts the evolution of fashion in New York. There are plenty of modern day styles as well. This is among the prime and best fashion spots in NYC to explore. You will learn all about how fashion evolved in this remarkable US city.

3. Dover Street Market

For an offbeat fashion experience, this is among the best fashion spots in NYC to visit when arriving on business class flights. The multi-level mall is among the top clothing stores in New York City featuring top brands such as Gucci, Supreme, Maison Margiela, and Balenciaga among others. The place can be a bit daunting to explore and collections keep changing periodically. Thereby, for exclusive and new product drops, check the available floor guide before heading out to explore the mall.

4. M & J Trimming

This is where you should head to for the best boutique shopping in NYC. Offering all sorts of awesome things, the place is an absolute paradise for Do-it-yourself crafters. It’s one of the best places to shop in NYC on a budget. At low industry prices, you’ll be able to buy silk flowers, zippers, buttons, pom poms, trimmings, and iron-on patches among other cool things. You will also be able to buy craft tools such as sewing machines and glue guns. It’s one of the cheapest of all best fashion spots in NYC you can shop at.

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5. Artist & Fleas

Artist & Fleas has been designed carefully to resemble a flea market and offers all sorts of fashion options all under one roof. It’s one of the most diverse shopping places in NYC. You will find high-priced vintage pieces to newly-launched fashion ware and a whole lot of other things here. Among the best fashion spots in NYC, the place will keep you occupied for a good couple of hours without you even realizing it! Window-shop until you find something you’d like to spend on.

6. East Broadway Mall

This is among the most interesting of all best fashion spots in NYC. Located right in the heart of the fabulous Chinatown locale, the place is home to a plethora of vendors selling anything and everything from garments and footwear to household items and Chinese cosmetics. Avid shoppers hit with hunger pangs can indulge in delicious Cantonese and Szechuan-variety dishes served at scores of eateries here. Popular things to buy here include silk Kimonos, Chinese cosmetics, silk coin purses, skin care products and hair combs among other things.

All of the above-listed are among the best fashion spots in NYC to explore during your trip to the city on flight tickets to USA with Indian Eagle. Avid shoppers can dedicate a good amount of time to exploring at least a couple of these remarkable fashion shopping spots in NYC. Buy anything and everything you like at any of these best fashion spots in NYC. Visit at the earliest and shop away!

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