Foods You Should Avoid While Traveling To Beijing

China is a country of tourism and opportunities. It is visited by the citizens of many countries every year. They come to see of its locations and taste the delicious cuisine. China is a different country from the rest of the world because all the dishes which can be found out anywhere in the world is found there. Beijing is the capital city of China and it receives a variety of tourists. Most of them search Online Flight Booking for Beijing and reserve international air tickets online. There are many chances that you become ill after tasting a different cuisine because it might not be suitable for you and your health might go in bad condition. There are some of the foods which you to avoid at any cost because if you will do this then your health will go in the bad condition.

Fried Scorpions

Scorpions are the creatures which live on land and the sea. Most of them are dangerous but they are fried in China. The meat of the scorpions could affect your health in a negative way and you could develop some stomach disease.

Canteen stir-fries

Most of the people eat these fries. They do not have a problem in eating these specific categories of fries however it could make your fat. You have to control your appetite because these fries will be sorted out as a delicious item. They are served with many dishes. Most of the airlines also serve delicious food. If you are going to China then you must search for PIA Ticket Fares on the internet. You must check the cuisine of China.

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It is a dish which is widely made in China. Almost all of the stalls and different types of restaurants serve this dish. It is usually made from rice and distinctive categories of the sauces are added in it. They are usually called rice cake noodles. You do not know what effect it will have on your digestive system. There are different variations of these dishes and you do not know which variation will be suitable for you. Tasting it will a great source of risk?

Cooking Water

Water is very important for our health and we recognize its importance however you should not use cooking water. It can ruin your process of digestion. This drink is also sold in China and the people use to drink regularly. Most of the tourists conceive that it is some sort of tea and they falsely drink it but in reality, it is cooking water.

Century Egg

Century Egg is a special type of egg which is specially made in China. Any egg of the bird’s duck, quail and chicken are used in it. They are specially preserved by using a mixture of the quicklime, rice fruits, ash, clay, and salt. It is then preserved for several months so that it becomes a century egg. The yolk of the egg becomes of dark green or that of the grey color and white area of the egg usually becomes of the dark brown color. Different chemical reactions have been carried out during this process so they can have a tremendous amount of effect on health. Most of us have the habit of eating a normal type of eggs, therefore, this kind of century egg might not suitable for our health. You can try out a recipe of normal type of the eggs.


Durian Cake

This sweet dish comes from Singapore however it is made in China. The cake contains a huge contamination of the sweets. Alfred Russel Wallace once made comment regarding it, “a rich custard highly flavored with almonds”… It is liked by some of the people and hated by other people. Choice of everyone is not the same. It could increase your sugar level and there could be a lot of the problems for you so that you should eat the cake if it is possible for you otherwise you can be infected with various disease due to rising sugar levels.

Lay’s cucumber crisps

Chips like Lays have dominated the Chinese food industry. There are different kinds of flavors in these kinds of chips. It is just a taste of mouth otherwise there is nothing good in it. You must eat some of the hygienic food instead of eating these cucumber crisps. There are lots of delicious foods in Chinese restaurants.

Avoid Seasoning and Oil

Most of the time the effect of seasoning is applied in the preparation of Chinese foods that extra salt is added in the dishes or sometimes cook use soya sauce for making of cuisine and adding the monosodium glutamate for giving flavor to a different type of dishes. It is a very dangerous type of chemical. There are many chances of increasing blood pressure due to using this chemical. Salt also increases blood pressure. If your blood pressure becomes higher or lower then there can be several problems for yourself. Sometimes, the hotel management keeps on using the oil again and again for cooking different type of food and making them delicious. You can say that don’t use the excessive and the same amount of oil again and again.

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