Games That are Similar to CSGO Accounts

CSGO’s popularity is one of the most influential things to happen for other gaming genres. It’d be bothersome to even question the legitimacy of CSGO’s fan base! Csgo smurf accounts share the limelight equally; csgo accounts have played a major role in making CSGO a phenomenon worldwide. However, to think there’s no other game like CSGO would be completely biased!

Throughout these years we have witnessed numerous launches of new games that were impressive to the core! Some games are similar to CSGO; fans of CSGO might like them, as well. It’d be a missed opportunity not to give these similar ‘CSGO’ games a try! Let us take you to all the games that share the same background. If ever you feel like you need a change from csgo smurf accounts then you could easily switch between these suggested games that we’re about to unveil:


There’s no doubt that CSGO’s main attraction is their competitive mode; all the credits go to the developers as they can keep the constancy of the game by keeping it grounded & pertinent.

Overwatch might not be all similar to CSGO (though, that is the point) however, the mannerism is the same! Overwatch is a team-based shooting game wherein players have the option to choose different characters; each one of them has a distinct characteristic & armaments that enables one to play the character/ weapon more than once!

Call of Duty

If you want to try out a new game that isn’t very far from CSGO’s concept, Call of Duty would be the one for you! They both share the same ambiance and proffer the same sense of belonging; though they may not have exact gameplay, it is going to remind you a lot of CSGO! This wouldn’t give you a feeling of replication, even though they have some similarities but the thrill remains the same.

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Fortnite has a little bit of both Overwatch and Call of duty’s concept mixed in its gameplay- stirring plot & teamplay, and exclusive loot items- that also shares some similarities to CSGO’s collection of skins.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the most popular out of all the other games launched by Respawn; and, it is also the most successful at present! This battle royale game is free-to-play and still winning the heart of gamers worldwide! Apex Legends is the most sophisticated Battle Royal label to exist-with smooth action and filled with thrilling action. If you still looking for an action-based game that isn’t very much different from CSGO smurf accounts then, go for this beast!


Valorant can be considered as far more interesting as csgo smurf accounts; people who have played CSGO, Overwatch, or even Call of duty have seen their top players leaving the game for VALORANT!

You could say the game is 98% similar to CSGO smurf accounts that it may spook you to the nerve. Valorant has better & lethal gunplay; the graphics are effortless too. Though, players may bat an eye on the newest addition of characters that have some special skills along with conventional weapon choices. This makes it even more convincing for other players who are grinding on the hedge! Although it won’t be an easy journey to reach the top, every step ahead has a ton of rewards waiting to be attained!

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If you are a persistent csgo smurf account player then giving these games a try won’t hurt anybody! If you do not want to move away from CSGO completely then shooting your shots at these games wouldn’t be a lost cause. However, these are merely some of the games amongst many that have been shared in this article; there’s plenty more with many similarities with CSGO accounts. And, if you have heard about any of these mentioned games before, and were too scared to even try then I’d say- judging them without even giving it a try wouldn’t be fair

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