Gaurav Gupta – Lord of Seven Hills Holdings Invests in Fura

The Lord of Seven Hills Holdings FZE (“L7H”) announces its big purchase of 94,904,408 Common Shares (approximately 39.2%) of the issued and high Common Shares of Fura Gems Inc (the “Company”) on 10th October, 2019 at a price of $0.25 per Common Share in connection with the closing of the first tranche (the “First Tranche Placement”) of a non-brokered private placement financing of Common Shares of the Company. And now for heading towards the more excellent results, it follows one or more additional tranches for the completion of total gross proceeds to the Company of C$33,877,500 (the “Private Placement Transaction”).

Let’s have a clear prophecy about the terrific operation of the L7H and its joint actors, which is reasonably apparent.

  • Before the First Tranche Placement

The L7H and its joint actors (Gaurav Gupta fura lord of seven hills, who is the controller of L7H) show admirable ownership and control for the Common shares of 11,455,126 (approximately 8.5% of the 135,161,147).

  • After the First Tranche Placement

Measurable results obtained as L7H and its joint actors had ownership or control over 106,359,534 Common Shares approximately 44.0% of the Common Shares outstanding with the successful closing of the First Tranche Placement.

  • As per the agreement between the Company and L7H

With the one or more additional tranches, L7H is expected to get 28,755,592 Common Shares following the Private Placement Transaction to provide approximately 47.9% of the Common Shares with a total of 130,204,126 with its joint actors. Later by following such issuance together with its joint actors, it will embrace a total of 135,115,125 Common Shares, which represents approximately 49.7% of the outstanding Common Shares.

  • The idea for desirable results
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With the real purpose of increasing their ownership, the L7H and its joint actors purchase the Common Shares for the investment. Put their complete efforts to achieve the targets in this sector and investment directly or indirectly. And anyhow, the L7H and its joint actors effectively control the Common Shares to provide tremendous results. And with this continuous operation in investment, the L7H and its collective actors are making outstanding remarks in this sector. The whole agreement and process of one or more tranches are carried effectively by L7H for setting a large image in the investment sector.

Covering Up

That’s why it concluded that significant investments required big efforts to achieve financial goals. Gaurav Gupta must have to be professional in the market of investment for keeping the knowledge of high-quality finance. When you stay connected with the market through strategies in a predetermined time frame, then it helps you and your management team to grow with the effective results. With the significant investment of L7H, you can learn to earn long term rates and to avoid dramatic upturns during any decline in the market. You have to choose your investments wisely along with the robust strategies to handle any emergency with a high level of confidence and required skills. Therefore, invest where you feel secure.

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