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Get to know about the Most Adorable Scarf Tying Methods

As it has become a universal truth that there are not any haters of silk scarves. Almost every woman wants to have a silk scarf and want to wear it in her own way. Many women even want to have a collection of beautiful scarves in their closet so that they can buy scarves in Bulk. Every type of scarf provides the individual to look to the person. There are many styles and methods to tie a scarf either on a handbag, on hair, around the neck, as a wrist band and many other ways exist to make an ideal addition to every day look. This is the reason that we are here to show you how fun exciting it would be to know about the styles tying methods of scarves.

Back Tied V-neck Bandana

It is a very simple and really attractive way of wearing a scarf on the neck. I can guess that it is the first way in which each one of us has started to wear a scarf. Wearing a scarf in this style is very basic, you just have to take a square scarf and fold it in half. Now tie the scarf on your neck making the knot with the open ends behind your neck. Adjust the V-shape of the scarf and you are ready to nail the style.

The only thing to keep in mind with this style is that you should have to pick a scarf that would match the color of your dress.

As a Tie

A wonderful way of wearing a square silk scarf as a tie. Even we do not need to discuss it because it is really effortless and uncomplicated to wear. You can observe that most of the air hostesses wear the scarf in this style. Just fold the scarf in a way that it will look like a wide strip, (ready to wear as a tie). Then take the scarf and pass it through the back of your neck, leaving both ends in the front. Now, make a knot in the way you wear a tie and you are done.

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Just keep one thing that you should have to make a loose loop to get a more attractive and unique look.

Make a Side Knot

This method of wearing a scarf is unbeatable. You can match this style with any of your outfits no matter if it is a formal one or a casual one. If you tie a scarf in this way then you surely will draw the attention of the people towards you. For making this style with your scarf, fold the silk scarf in a way to form a wide strip and wrap it around your neck making sure that it will cover your neck properly. Adjust the scarf so that both open ends can reach any of your sides of your neck. Make a double knot and let the scarf get its position and you are looking adorable now. You also can buy the wholesale kids scarves for your children to be in style.

The thing here to be concerned about is you just have to ensure that you make only one loop around your neck so that the free ends can look more attractive after making the knot.